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September 2018 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2018

Present: Xan Johnson, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Roxine Lawton, Judith Warner, Jane Laird, Ashok Tuteja
Ex-Officio: David Morrison, David Pendell, John Burton
Excused: Yuan Ji, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Man Hung

Xan Johnson presiding: meeting began before 4p with Harriett Hopf, majority of board here at 4p

Board Business

Harriett Hopf (interim VP of faculty) attended
Introductions made

Discussion re the faculty club as a whole and goal of FC
-Historically re FC
Pay for only food and drink
Deal for spaces on campus, to decrease the cost
-Goal: to promote faculty interaction, to feel like a cohesive whole, all one campus
-Request by FC
Get word out to all faculty, variety methods tried
Office for faculty gets requests but historically would not sent to all faculty – not clear that there is a full faculty email list.
Feels campus wide event for advantage for faculty
Historically we have sent paper invitations, this is expensive
We have met with marketing, “At the U” – allowed to put things on the
campus calendar, but not feature in @theU as it is a faculty event,
not campus wide

Land / Cabin discussion with Harriett Hopf
-Here to update on the land / cabin
-Historical details of cabin
Donated to U 1982 by Ed Clyde, fine to be for the faculty club with
vision of being a faculty center, ie Asilomar type location
To sell the land decision made in April 2018 after considered the
state of the cabin, too much money needed to update
Faculty Club was not alerted by this, we discovered by
accident when setting up the Cabin Bash for June 2018
Decision made by administration within university, ie office
of Ruth Watkins
Will go on the market in Spring 2019
?? 1 million
-And to ask for ideas as to how to use money from the selling of the land/cabin. Initial thoughts:
?? ½ would go as endowment for faculty club
Ed Clyde proposal / desire for small group meeting / study groups
to stimulate mind and spirit away from the pressures of campus
Could come up with Pie in the Sky ideas, how to grow the FC:
Touchdown spaces across campus, ie faculty center
Social events
Collaborate across campus
Also, include how to increase membership.
Feel the FC does a good job serving the current members, but
what can we do to increase this
Endowment would be invested
Then $20,000 used per year, interest on the endowment
Concern raised re the possibility that FC would be left out or the FC
proposal not accepted, then what
Reassurance given that Ruth Watkins is committed to and supports the
FC’s concept and activities. Values what FC provides for the faculty
at large
Xan reminded all that this volunteer group has put forth to promote
the FC. Feels we have done a great job with having 250 faculty
membership. That it would be difficult for this small # to come with
larger proposal.
Refutes that concept that the group is for drinking alcohol and
serving self only vs promoting cohesion and fun activities among
faculty and their families
Included what we have done with our limited resources …
The other ½ would go as an endowment for “something”
Having conversations with the family of the donor
Ie per Ed Clyde vision, could offer small grants for faculty to go
to off-site U location
FC input here, but not clear where this money would be used

-Harriett commits
Committed to finding better way to alert faculty re faculty club events
Not promising all but hopes to improve communication
Will check on the annual $10,000 for 2018, will make sure FC has the funding
Other comments
Reviewed FC was included with New faculty orientation
Suggesting giving new faculty a 1 year free due, with continuation unless opt out?
Fully supportive of the FC
Space is an important issue for the FC, ie will check re an unused spaces on campus that the FC could use – eg “touchdown space” modeled on the space in SOM
-Xan asking for all board members to begin thinking about proposal made by Harriett
Think about way to promote FC
Think about how the above monies could be used to support the FC and the activities for faculty
One suggestion made: Ie 20,000 not as a fixed amount but rather as a % because over time the $20,000 will be worth less

Social events
-Children’s Party
Dec 7th , 5:30 – 7:30p
Same santa, balloon granny, face painters/balloon artists, magician, singers
Same location – Moran Eye Center
-Adult party
Dec 13th
Discussed where to hold the party, ended up deciding on Monson Center
-Motion, 2nd, passed for both
-Potential fall events, Xan will check into
Possibly to meet in Crimson room before Volleyball game
-FC social
Tonight is in the “old” site, this is because of the croquet game
In the future, will be in new area (down the hall from the Starbucks on the main floor) – Shirley will (did) print up handouts

Board Business
-Any additional items
Concern re invitation size in email being sent
Question is as attachment vs inserted into body of email
-Need to make list of current board members – Gillian to do
Phone numbers, cell number, emails

Next FC Board meeting: October 5, 2018, 4p Marriott Hotel
Meeting adjourned at 5pm