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October 2018 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2018


Present: Xan Johnson, Eleanor Divver, Roxine Lawton, Judith Warner, Jane Laird, Man Hung, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Gillian Tufts

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, David Pendell, John Burton

Excused: Yuan Ji, Ashok Tuteja


Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4:05p

Board Business

  • Minutes, motion made to approve, 2nd and passed
  • Feedback on meeting with Harriett Hopf
    • None yet
    • Xan has requested ongoing feedback re Faculty Club and the FCs role within the University. To demonstrate our goals and how we plan to use the University monies provided for the FC, ie
      • What is our charge within the University community
      • How we can expand
    • Xan proposed an ad hoc subcommittee re bring a proposal to FC overall goal/charge/moving forward
      • Discussed volunteers for this committee
      • Xan, Judith, Eleanor, Dave (Gillian to record)
      • Judith to chair
      • Also taking about what info is needed
        • What members would like
        • How they would like events to happen
        • What other FCs are like at other institutions
        • How would members let us know their options – ie a point email
          • Or, maybe we should have our own email address, ie
        • Bring back to full FC
        • Then can take to members for their input
      • Xan proposed having
        • Special guest badge for others attending the social that are going to be presenting or talking to the group (they are present for a reason)
          • Could also be for faculty attending who are checking out the FC social and not yet a member, then we and other members can be welcoming and talk about why they should join!
        • New member badge
        • Also discussed stick-on name tag, thrown away, don’t have to keep track of name badges


Treasurer Report

  • The FC still hasn’t received our $10,000
    • Xan will check with Harriet Hopf
  • Currently we have $7634.84
  • Have not received September’s FC social bill from Marriott


Social events

  • Volleyball game
    • Nov 9th
    • Planning for pizza pre-party
    • Discussed how to get tickets
      • Could get at the social
      • Could do party at the Annex, close by and people can just stop by
      • Or, if we can get a room at the Huntsman Center, then can have tickets at Will Call
    • PTC Preshow for Musical
      • February 13th, 2019
      • Starts at 7pm
      • More information to come
    • Monthly social
      • We will be in the new area today
      • Plan to put table for check in and to begin the monitoring process
        • Discussed how, who to do the monitoring, ie sign in sheet – which would also be good for data collecting. Also, this could be a way to identify those who have joined and those who need to join. No decision made here.
      • Flier have been made, the form, general information, monthly socials
    • Children’s Party, Dec 7th, 5:30 – 7:30p
      • We are all set
      • Jub-jub santa, ballon granny, 2 face painters, magician, pictures by Utah Drive
        • Still waiting on singers, waiting on grant
      • Food from Costco — Gillian and John to do
        • Tea
        • Hot cider
      • Water by Eleanor
      • Hot water by Judith
      • Welcome and check in table: Dave
      • Frames – David will do
        • Need help with craft table: Man, Roxine
      • Same location at Moran Eye Center
    • Adult party
      • Dec 13th
      • Discussed where to hold the party, ended up deciding on Monson Center
      • Might try different menu
      • Plan for white elephant exchange
      • Discussed the music, not planning to use the DJ this year. Discussed other options


  • Future agenda items
    • Increasing the dues
    • For new faculty: consider providing free first year, then automatically gets signed up for FC, along with the monthly dues, unless declines.


Next FC Board meeting: November 2, 2018, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5pm