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May 2018 Board Minutes

Minutes from Faculty Club Business Meeting

Call to order by Mo, 7:25p

Board Business
• 31 new members this past year, now total at 251 (paying members)
• Executive Committee introduced and roles reviewed
o Mo Mirfakhrai handed presidency over to Xan Johnson
o ?? Who is the president elect
 Per the constitution: Immediately after each annual election the board shall organize by the election from their number of the president, a vice president/president-elect, a secretary, and a treasurer. The President, vice president/president-elect, treasurer and secretary shall constitute an Executive Committee.
o Treasurer, Roxine Lawton is continuing
o Secretary, Gillian Tufts is continuing
• Board elections
o Mo and Xan re-elected
o New member, Man Hung, introduced (not present)
o Sound round of applause for departing board member, Eleanor Divver. Served for 3 years as our social chair. Raised the bar!! A number of very success social events have occurred over the past 3 years. Thank you very much Eleanor!!
• Reviewed the Faculty Club Facebook page
o First thank you Yuan for developing and continuing to update our Facebook page
o Pictures from recent events on Facebook page

Social activities
• Have attempted to arrange for Pickle Ball, hasn’t worked yet
• Hope for weekly hikes during the summer, more information will be emailed out
• Reviewed hoped for Cabin Bash on 6/23
o But depends on whether water is turned on or not by then
o More to come

Treasurer Report
• $1600 left in Faculty Club (includes Business meeting costs)
• Very likely Faculty Club to be awarded by the University
• Main costs over the year
1. Children’s Party
2. Adult Christmas Party
3. The monthly Faculty Club socials
• Report accepted by the members present

Cabin Report
• John and Judith reporting on Cabin status
• Repairs now complete
• Open for use
o “Fair” number of groups used last year
o Few Faculty Club members used
• Plans for selling have been reviewed but currently no active plans
o If were to be sold, hope would be for Brick & Mortar location on campus for faculty

The summer
• Will try for Board meeting when Xan is in town, 6/20, 6/21, or 6/22
o Will send out Doodle poll
• Faculty club members to be present for new faculty orientation in August to promote the Faculty club

Faculty Club Business meeting
• To meet again, May 2019, date/location TBA
• 45 members in attendance for May 2018 meeting

Meeting adjourned 7:55p