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September 2016 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2016


Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Pat Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson, Maddy Oritt, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Pat Shea

Ex-Officio: John Burton, David Pendell, Art Lipman

Excused:  Alison Crum


Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 4:07p

Board Business

  • Minutes accepted with changes
    • Judith fixed issue re meeting room
    • We clarified the ending balance
    • Resent
  • Newsletter
    • Ashok has created another
    • Maddy did some editing, then sent out
    • Judith mentioned should print some and have available at Faculty club social
  • Recruitment
    • Postcard mailed to all faculty
    • Judith has talked with marketing re recruitment
    • Another story, ie on Croquet game
    • Xan suggested:
      • Making all Deans / Dept Chairs an honorary member and then encourage them to bring someone from their area
      • Maddy will create list and then will work with Xan
    • Consider having short talks during the Faculty Club social
  • ?? Membership drive – Plan on November 4th.
    • Didn’t work so well last time, maybe due to some members not being able to attend
    • Some members did brought 1-2 potential members
  • Judith and Art did go to the new faculty orientation, gave out lots of brochures
  • Maddy to give John some brochures for the Emeriti meeting
  • Marriott
    • Judith and Eleanor met with them over the summer
    • Dates and menus organized
      • We’re in same room except 11/4, when we need to be in outside tent
    • Move bar to other room or maybe put bar in between the 2 doors to promote interaction between the 2 rooms



  • Holiday party
  • Dates
    • Children’s Party: December 9th
      • We do have permission to send cascading email (ie to Dean / chair who then sends it to faculty
      • Discussed where: Moran voted by all
      • Eleanor proposed repeating last year’s events, seemed to go well
        • Santa and Mrs Santa
        • Balloon lady
        • Magician
        • ?? Music out by the tree, concern re sound
          • Xan to look work on
        • Adult Party: December 14th or 15th
          • With new members, possibility is the Alta club
          • Will need valet parking, discussed that the Faculty Club will just cover the cost for members attending
          • State St and South Temple
          • Good food, dressy, pool tables
          • Provide music
          • Other possibilities: Monson Center, McClune House, Ladies Literary, Café Molise (parking across the street) – Eleanor and Maddy will check these out for cost and availability, also to check out the Alta Club
        • Event at the Cabin
          • Now no water
          • Would need port-a-potty for the day
          • Decided against last bash for the fall
        • Wine tasting scheduled for January
        • Discussed sporting events, ie before basketball games
          • Discussed at the Marriott or not, parking / reparking an issue
            • Discussed ETOH or not
            • Size of pizzas an issue
            • We didn’t pay for the room
          • Xan will check out places
        • PTC again – can get access for the dress rehearsal/sound check performances


Cabin update

  • ADA issue: Nate Miles and U of U Architect working on this. Most important thing is when we get an estimate of cost, there is a section called disportionality, if 20% of the function area is affected, there may be room for negotiation
    • A number of issues: parking lot, parking into the building, faucets, ramp for stairs, bathrooms
    • Don’t need to fix if no overnight stays
  • Would the family be willing to buy the cabin and this would go to the faculty club
    • Ie are they willing to make a donation
  • Xan brought up another possibility: selling of Field house, could go for endowment for Faculty Club or make a Brick/Mortar site for Faculty Club on campus or maybe space


Treasurer’s Report

  • Question, in summary of revenue and expense for Faculty Club, what is the gate receipts in August 2016? Is $600 – Maddy and Dave will work on this
  • Started this year with $14071.58
    • Total assets: $27,780.17 (includes dues over 1st 2 months and Water rights)
      • Really this should be University related line item, as the Cabin is now administered by the University itself
    • $15,440.27 balance to-date
  • Saved money by not paying for the Children’s Party and cheaper monthly social
  • We are not getting the $10,000 this year. Often depends on what we have spent the previous year and what is left in the coffers


New Business

Next meeting: October 7th, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5:03pm