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October 2016 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2016


Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Xan Johnson, Maddy Oritt, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja

Ex-Officio: John Burton, David Pendell, Art Lipman

Excused:  Alison Crum, Pat Shea


Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 4:04p

Board Business

  • Minutes accepted after motion made and 2nd
  • Newsletter
    • Maddy sent out and posted in FC website
  • Membership drive
    • Membership drive next meeting, 11/4
    • Gifts available: stay at Marriott, bottle of wine, chocolate
    • Xan / Judith will send out invitations to Deans/Chairs
    • Will be out in the tent next meeting
    • David will make invitation, circus theme
    • Eleanor suggesting:
      • Popcorn
      • Street tacos vs sliders/hot dogs
    • John did attend the Emerti meeting and took brochures
    • Marriott
      • Moved bar to middle room to promote interaction between the 2 rooms
    • New assignment for taking pictures during the social events: Mohammed will take on



  • Children’s Party: December 9th
    • Eleanor reports all set but trouble with contacting Balloon lady
    • Planning on Santa, Face painting, magician
    • New camera available for pictures with Santa
    • Planning on projection of the fireplace again
    • Discussed the video again, esp for the younger kids
    • Discussed continuing the framing of pictures
      • David will check on this and/or other possibilities
    • Food
      • Judith recommending U Hospital Kitchen
        • Finger sandwiches and Cookies
      • ?? Music out by the tree, concern re sound
        • Students hard to commit??
        • Xan to look into again
        • Maddy to also check A’Cappella group
        • Then let Eleanor and Judith know
      • Judith’s secretary to coordinate team to decorate
      • Discussion re event layout
        • Magician, Balloon lady, face painting, food inside room
        • Santa, photos, craft table in the atrium area
      • To advertise
        • Postcard like invitation to be sent out
        • Try cascading email again with invitation in body of email, no attachment
        • Xan to make plug for children’s party at the Senate meeting in December
      • Adult Party: December 15th
        • Monson Center being proposed
          • Good size
          • Lots of parking
          • Can use other caterers, they have preferred list
          • Motion made, 2nd, group approved
          • Pay band to come and play, cost $850 (Joe Muscolino)
          • Cost to members
            • Plated dinner $30-35
            • Would like to keep the cost to members at $20
          • Discussed a dress code: batting around ideas,
            • Include description of the building, built in 1880s
            • Semi-formal or holiday attire can be used
            • David will create invitation and decide on language to use
          • Discussed Alta club again
            • More expensive
            • Is stuffy, old-fashioned , old feeling


Cabin update

  • ADA issue
    • Nate Miles and U of U Architect working on this, has gone back and forth
    • Max money available is $25,000
    • This is public space so need to address
    • Alcohol use has risen as concern, drinking then driving home – another reason for overnight stays


Treasurer’s Report

  • Question, in summary of revenue and expense for Faculty Club, what is the gate receipts in August 2016? Is $600 – Maddy and Dave will work on this
  • Finished September with $17,113
    • $1100 per month in member dues
    • Adding about $10,000 by end of academic year
  • $3104 for Marriott for September’s social
    • about 1/3 more people last social
    • outdoor activity helped to keep people here last meeting
  • Anything re cost of running cabin should go to Perry Hacker to cover
    • Recent charges the FC has covered
      • $850 for gas payment for Cabin –
      • $300 misc fee, leftover due from Cabin – was paid to be able to close the??
      • $120 per month for tank
    • Maddy will look into who should pay this, to see if Perry will cover
  • So as of today FC with $12,764 (minus these recent expenses for the cabin)
  • RE # emeriti payments
    • Only a couple
    • Have emeriti envelope at the socials so they can complete and then send back
      • Maddy will put together an “invoice” with preaddressed envelope


New Business

Next meeting: November 4th, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm