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June 2016 Board Minutes

Business Meeting at the Faculty Club Cabin

June 26, 2016, 2:30 pm


Present: Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Maddy Oritt, Dave Morrison, Judith Warner,

Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts

Ex-Officio: John Burton, David Pendell, Art Lipman

Excused: Ashok Tuteja, Pat Shea, Xan Johnson, Alison Crum


Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 2:30p

Board Business

  • Introductions:
    • Administrative support: Maddy Oritt
    • New member: Mohammed Mirfakhrai (Marriott Library)
  • Discussed board roles for upcoming year
    • Administrative support for Faculty Club update
      • Maddy has now joined
      • She is redoing the brochure
      • She is updating the website
    • President: Judith Warner
    • Vice-present/present-elect: Mohammed Mirfakhrai is willing
    • Treasurer: Dave Morrison
    • Secretary: Gillian Tufts
    • Social director: Eleanor will to stay on as social director! Thank you Eleanor
  • Recruitment for Faculty Club
    • New faculty
      • Plan to attend the new faculty orientation, with brochures
    • Emeritus faculty
      • Maddy will send out an email to previous Emeritus faculty club members
      • She can check list for new Emeriti faculty
      • Art and John can attend Emeritus meetings to promote
      • Fee is $50 per year, but if joins after January, then $25


Faculty Club Cabin

  • Meeting being held at the Cabin during summer opening bash
  • Reviewed use
    • Currently not overnight use, not ADA compliant
    • Rates
      • $50 for Faculty Club events
      • $100 for University of Utah events
      • $200 for non University of Utah events


Faculty club social Events

  • First everyone thanked Judith and Eleanor for their work on the several successful social events over this past fiscal year
  • Friday night social
    • Marriott Hotel update
      • Under new management
      • Will continue with the Marriott membership, $49 for rooms 1st Friday of each month (except September)
      • Service charge still waived
      • No tax
    • Next social is September 9th
      • Planning for croquet game, was successful last year
      • We do need an outside ref, there was a dispute over scoring last year
      • Planning to move to outside tent for November meeting only (has heaters in cold weather), board is ok with this
      • Both rooms in Allies to be used, will experiment with bar in one room, or straddling rooms – have attendees sitting in second room – trying to make all feel included in the event.
    • Planning upcoming events
      • Pat was thinking of planning Red Butte event, hike to introduce or/and encourage the use of Red Butte
      • Need to begin planning the Christmas events at the September meeting
        • Few ideas discussed: Café Molise, Town Club
      • Wine tasting in January suggested


Treasurer’s Report by Dave Morrison

  • June is end of fiscal year 2015-2016
    • Balance ~ $14, 071.58
    • Spent $709 on BBQ for Faculty Club Cabin bash, 6/25/2016
    • Assuming University will provider $10,000 at beginning of next fiscal year


Meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm