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November 2018 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2018


Present: Xan Johnson, Eleanor Divver, Roxine Lawton, Jane Laird, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Gillian Tufts, Jill Moriearty

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, David Pendell, John Burton

Excused: Yuan Ji, Ashok Tuteja, Judith Warner, Man Hung


Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4:03p

Board Business

  • Jill Moriearty, welcomed, voted on to FC board per email
  • Minutes, motion made to approve, 2nd and passed
    • Reviewed the items needing to be completed
  • Jane’s report
    • She has been working on the website
    • Dave brought up adding: “Link to Webmaster” for questions: Jane to do
    • Several Emerti faculty have paid, 4
      • Emerti lunch last next week, John was be attending, he plans to make announcement during the lunch
    • Future vision
      • In the planning stages
      • Subcommittee to meet later this month, email has been sent
      • Will bring report back to board at future meeting
    • Monthly social sign in
      • Seemed to go smoothly last social, member signed on paper last time
      • Discussed who is responsible for monitoring at the door
        • Xan and Jane to provide a list of current members, has for tonight
        • All FC board members to be responsible for monitoring, ie notes new member to go say hello and check in with them
      • When members sign in with list, they need to include other attending
        • Members are welcome to bring 2 guests
      • At last FC social, Xan made announcements with 2 points:
        • Cost of adding attendees, 2 ok for members
        • ETOH and children/adolescents
          • Worried about < Teen age, politically with exposure to ETOH present with younger kids
          • Discussed whether this is ok with kids ETOH present
          • Jill recommended that we get a memo from the Marriott stating ok to have kids attending with ETOH present –Xan to do.
        • Website
          • Cabin
            • Probably best to remove the information about the Cabin availability
              • No one has made an inquiry recently
            • Xan recommends to leave as is for now except plan to remove information about making reservations and Perry Hacker’s contact info – Jane will do
          • Newsletter
            • Not updated for a while
            • Ashok here, reports plans to post January newsletter


Treasurer Report

  • $10,000 has been deposited from President’s budget
  • Currently we have $18903.47
  • Have not received September and October’s FC social bill from Marriott yet
    • Roxine is following up but hasn’t actually been paid yet
  • Some monies will be going out for the Adult party, but not out of account yet


Social events

  • Volleyball game
    • Nov 9th
    • Annex building, west most building, will put up arrows to find the room
    • Planning for pizza and drinks pre-party
      • About $145 dollars for both last year
    • Plan for 25 people
      • Xan will order:
      • Delivered 6 pizzas
      • Drinks (2 diet pepsi and 1 sprite)
      • Plates, utensils, cups, napkins
    • David P. will make the poster with map
    • Discussed how to get tickets: Can get tickets at Will Call, just needs to show ID
  • Children’s Party, Dec 7th, 5:30 – 7:30p
    • Appears all in place
      • One face painter cancelled
      • This leaves:
        • 1 who does balloons and face painting
        • 1 who does face painting only
          • The 2 face painters do bring all their own supplies (as part as cost)
        • Also can plan for additional face painter:
          • Xan to set up with students
          • Eleanor has face paint supplies
        • 1 who does ballons only (Balloon Granny)
          • Offered Balloon Granny $200 as this is what the other performers are being paid
        • Info from previous meeting
          • We are all set
          • Jub-jub santa, ballon granny, 2 face painters, magician, pictures by Utah Drive
            • Still waiting on singers, waiting on grant
          • Food from Costco — Gillian and John to do
            • Tea
            • Hot cider
          • Water by Eleanor
          • Hot water by Judith
          • Welcome and check in table: Dave
          • Frames – David will do
            • Need help with craft table: Man, Roxine
          • Same location at Moran Eye Center
        • Adult party
          • Final count needed by week before
          • We committed to 54 attendees to the caterer (based on previous 2 years)
            • Included 2-4 vegetarians
          • Discussed paying before or not, last 2 years for the most part, it worked so will leave:
            • Do need to call to reserve spot before
            • Pay at the door
          • Food has been fine, positive feedback
          • Info from before
            • Dec 13th
            • Discussed where to hold the party, ended up deciding on Monson Center
            • Might try different menu
            • Plan for white elephant exchange
            • Discussed the music, not planning to use the DJ this year. Discussed other options
          • Wine social in January
            • Greenley’s planning to do
            • No date set yet
            • Eleanor to work with the Greenley’s to set the date


Future agenda items

  • New ideas
    • Name tags for regular attendees
      • Cost
      • Who will manage
      • Placed back on Dave, to work on flow for these
    • Recruitment
      • Remind potential members that – a tangible benefit:
        • Plan for new faculty (Fall 2018) and Deans
        • Ie Marriott provides $74 night stays, 20% food
      • Mo to provide bullet points to Xan, who can then send out an email


Next FC Board meeting: February 1st, 2019, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5pm