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October 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes for Faculty Club 10/6/2017


Moh moved to approve the minutes and Judith seconded the motion.


Maddy is updating members:

257 members

15 employees have retired

242 members


Meeting with CAD

Meet once a month – Bonnie Wiese is our contact person

The meet the 3rd Thursday at the Gould auditorium in the Library at noon (10/19 or 11/16)

Maddie is requesting that we have 5-10 minutes on the agenda

If anyone has a connection please let us know

Who can attend the meeting?  Moh, Judith and Eleanor????

How do we want to approach the Deans??  Much debate about how to ask for assistance.



Brief calendar on website

Listing of all benefits on our website.


Other events

November 2 at 7:00 pm – Volleyball

Basketball??  Xan can we use the Crimson Room to have pizza?

Comedy of Tenors 10/18

Newsies 12/1

Xan – we need your assistance on the above listed items.  Thanks


Children’s Christmas Party – Jillian will oversee – Thanks

2 face-painters

2 balloon makers

JubJub the Clown (Jeffrey Hansen)

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

Pictures from Utah Jive

Arts and Crafts – David Pendell is going to oversee this – ideas for how to make cute frames??

                Does anyone have ideas on how to get students or help with this booth?

Dave Morrison will take the money and check attendees in – Thanks

Singers – Xan

                Singers will want pizza

Food – Judith is checking to see if Smith’s will give us some $ for party.

What food will we do for this event???


A big thanks goes out to Yuan for getting the U of U Faculty Club on Facebook – it looks great.

Thanks to Libby (PIO for U of U Hospital) and Maddy for their help with this project

Debate about the Facebook page

When you go to the Facebook page it is talking about other things going on at the U. 


Share, Join and Like our facebook account


Invitation for Adult party

Maddy can we send out the invite for this event?  Or at least a save the date?