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September 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes for Faculty club September 8, 2017

David made a motion to approve minutes and Xan made a motion to second – all agreed.

Attendance: Moh, David Pendell, Eleanor, Dave Morrison, Ashok, Maddy, Roxine/Evert, Judith

Absent: Xan, John, Gillian, Yuan


Budget – Roxine/Evert

Current budget $12,780

369 members receiving $1080/month

Income for year $26,000 and expenses at $27,000 – something might be missing.

Children’s party $2,000 and Adult party $3,500

Will try to get all costs/receipts to Roxine so we can refer back if needed.


Marriott costs

Discussed new method – tell chef to prepare meal for certain number, within a given cost, 10% service charge for servers, no tax.

$1,500 for food at Marriott

$450 for bar


How to increase membership

No physical package for new employees – idea of how to reach out to new employees.

Website Yuan has been active in this

CAD – can meet with group of deans.

Want to bring in young families – games

Room at student life center for pizza before games??

Xan – do you have any plays


Need someone to oversee Children’s x-mas party

Eleanor will have arranged all entertainment, Judith has location.  Need food and someone to oversee event.

Sponsors for Children’s Christmas party??? JW to approach Smiths