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November 2017 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2017


Present: Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Maddie Oritt, Roxine Lawton, Evert Lawton

Ex-Officio: John Burton, David Morrison

Excused:  David Pendell, Yuan Ji, Susan Sanderson, Xan Johnson


Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding: meeting began 4:08p

Board Business

  • Minutes
    • Not passed, Moh will review suggestions re last minutes – and will send out for approval
  • Budget concerns
    • Concern raised about budget deficit from September minutes, discussion ensued re our situation over the next year and how to think about. 6 month socials balanced out the 6 months without – but at the beginning of the fiscal year with lump sum of  $10,000 – then the amount have by end of year varies depending on the activities that are done. Historically this has balanced out across the year.
      • In December = the 2 parties
      • No meeting in January
      • Business dinner in May
      • Cabin bash in June
      • All balances out
    • Money in per
      • $1083.13 monthly from payroll deductions
      • $833.00 from $10,000 (when spread out over 12 months)
      • 5 via checks = 5 Emeriti members ($250) to-date
    • Expenditures so far
      • $2400 September (Marriott’s), likely more 2nd to liquor charge, margaritas on menu
      • $1900 October (Marriott’s)
      • 10% service charge on food/liquor
    • Membership
    • ?? how many new members – Maddy can check
      • 17 members last 10 days, 16 have paid
      • Across campus, 1/3 – ½ health sciences
      • New department now represented

Ashok asking for more information re the following so he can include in the newsletter

  • Social media
    • Facebook rolled out, Yuan has put a lot of energy into this (thank you!)
    • He can connect with her
  • What’s up with the members: number, department, etc

Discussed re having our own Public Information Officer, maybe Yuan – put on next Agenda



  • $150 for Volleyball event, the pizza, 25 people attended
  • Brief discussion whether to continue the beer/wine tasting
    • $400- 500 for wine / beer tasting
    • But are popular, > 40 attending both (35
    • Thinking about January 13th for next year
    • Place the wines in different rooms to decrease congestion
    • Maybe make it a bring appetizers – Or, could ask people to bring either bottle of wine or something to snack on
    • Roxine feels the budget is fine to support these activities
  • Children’s party
    • Last year
      • $2058 spent on entire Children’s party
      • Concern raised re flow of event
    • This year: At Moran Center, 12/8, 5:30 to 7:30p
    • Activities, most are set
      • 2 Balloon people
      • Frame for picture (David Pendell)
      • Carolers’ (Xan in charge)
      • Face painters
      • Santa
      • Jub-jub also
      • Dave is money guy at both parties
      • Photo booth
    • Food
      • Majestic last year = $500 + extra food (< $100) + pizza for singers
        • We ran out of food and Eleanor had to go buy more
        • All the volunteer and the board members ate also so need to include in the number, not just the FC members attending
      • Chartwell’s in the past
      • Gillian and John to do food – plan for Costco for bulk of food
        • Will order pizza for singers
        • Will review what to get with Eleanor and Maddie – will need number of attendees
      • Set up: Judith, Gillian, John, Xan, Moh to be there at 4p
      • Judith will review the timing of the singing with the other activities with Xan
    • Adult Party
      • $3500 total cost last year
        • $875 for room fee – possibly did include the linens
        • Judith and Eleanor to talk about linens
      • This year: Monson Center
        • December 15th
        • 6:30 – 7p social hour, 7p dinner
      • $20 per person cost
      • FC provides the liquor
      • Lux for catering food (same company as last year, just different name)
      • Planning for
        • Gift exchange (John)
        • DJ for music (Rob Snow)
      • Next Utes Basketball game social
        • February 8th
        • Pizza social before at the Annex


Next FC Board meeting: February 2, 2018, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5pm