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November 2016 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2016


Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Xan Johnson, Maddy Oritt, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja

Ex-Officio: John Burton, Art Lipman

Excused:  Alison Crum, Pat Shea, David Pendell


Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 4:05p

Board Business

  • Minutes accepted after motion made and 2nd



  • Spent most of meeting hashing out details for the 2 major social events
  • Children’s Party: December 9th, 5 to 7:30p
    • All faculty invited
      • Members are free
      • Non-members pay $10 per family – needs to get on to the flyer (Or, if joins faculty club, then no charge)
      • We would like to have the above on the flyer
    • Xan for music during the party
      • About 20 music majors committed to come with accompanist (the accompanist will need to be paid)
      • They perform at 6p
      • Discussed piano, ie rent an electric piano. Xan still working on this
      • Needs to get title of group for the flyer – send to David P
    • Planning on Santa, Face painting, magician, balloon lady coming
      • Would like to be able to hand each a check at the time of the party
      • Maddy and Eleanor working getting all payment forms etc in line
    • Discussed continuing the framing of pictures
      • David will check on this and/or other possibilities??
    • Food (last year just under $700)
      • Last year was too sweet
      • Using Jason’s Deli
        • Fruit tray
        • Dessert
        • Finger sandwiches
        • They will deliver but no decorations
        • Eleanor and Maddy will set up
      • Drinks: Less coffee more water for tea (based on last year) along with lemonade and water
      • Discussed pizzas for the singers
    • Adult Party: December 15th (Thursday), 6 to 10pm
      • Monson Center been reserved, down payment made
      • Discussed how FC to receive payment for the event
        • Problem with no shows
        • This year planning for: Prepayment is required
        • To give to Maddy before, either drop off or through campus mail
      • Food
        • Expensive, ie $60 or $70 per person, so far
          • The caterer will need to provide staff, linen and plates, etc
          • Eleanor will check with another on the list
        • Need to be bonded and licensed
        • Discussed other options but the Monson Center has a list that is strongly preferred and if someone off their list is chosen, they need to approve
        • Discussed buffets as options, ie from Café Rio
        • Eleanor will continue to look into
      • For the evening thinking about: light music during social, dinner, white elephant gift, then followed by dancing
        • Concern is that this is too much
        • Discussed the white elephant gift exchange
          • Discussed this is Adult Party tradition important to include
          • Plan is to shorten the exchange , ie only 1 redo
        • But trying to encourage younger faculty to join, Eleanor recommended the dancing. Would like to change up the event to make a little more interesting for all, ie the dancing
      • Now band an issue
        • Discussed whether 3-member band is large enough, recommended a larger group, for ~$1300
        • Discussed whether we need a full band for dancing 2nd or music during the reception
        • Mentioned DJ’ing
          • Gillian will contact
        • David to create invitation


Cabin update

  • No update currently
  • Still going back and forth between U of U Architect and ADA people
    • Since is all indoor, hopefully they will be able to do across the winter months and will be ready for use next spring


Treasurer’s Report

  • Financial report
    • End of October 9024.74 in cash
    • ~$550 per month in dues
  • $7929.81 out for the 2 socials (Sept and Oct socials)
    • No sales tax or for service


New Business

  • Home of the Faculty Club sign within the restaurant with previous administration, Judith will check with the new managers



Next meeting: February 3, 2017, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5pm