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October 2015 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2015


Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Joe Cunniff, Eleanor Divver, Pat Shea

Ex-Officio: John Burton, Art Lipman, David Pendell

Excused: Alison Crum, Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson


Joseph Cunniff presiding; meeting began 4:05p

Board Business

  • Minutes with corrects reviewed, motion made to approve, 2nd
  • Website update
    • Shawnee is the webmaster
      • Photos can be uploaded
      • Any corrections to be sent to Shawnee
    • They will be submitting a bill
      • at $75 per hour
    • Discussed flow to alert/reminder FC members re outcoming events
      • For non-members
        • Shawnee to post on University wide calendar
        • University calendar has been updated with current dates
      • For members
        • Can send email out to remind the FC members 10 days, then few days before social events
        • David P will continue to make the artwork for the invitation
          • Once done, David P to send to President/Social chair/Shawnee to approve 2 weeks before the social event
          • To proof and send comments to Shawnee
        • Shawnee then send to President for written information, then President send back to Shawnee
        • Then can be send out to the members
      • How to alert Emerti discussed (didn’t include who was to do this
        • Emeritus email to remind to attend
        • Add link for FC website / newsletter



  • Christmas Party: 12/11/2015 at 5:30p
    • Moran Eye Center booked
    • Santa successful last year, consider having them come earlier
    • Balloon g’ma booked
    • Face painting booked
    • Discussed table decorations worked well, discussed adding additional decorations, ie on the walls
    • Frame decorating
      • Need to know frame sizes first, then can order photo paper
    • Things left to do
      • Clown, Jubjub – Eleanor working on
      • Utah Jive for photos – Eleanor working on
      • To order stick on frame decorations – David to do
      • To add butcher paper for children to write and draw on for Wish to the World – Xan’s idea, to make so?
      • Discussed adding short platform for Santa and Magician to perform on — ?? who will check on this
      • To check with hospital vs Chartwell’s re refreshments – Eleanor to check on
        • What they can offer
        • Cost
        • Set-up
        • Can they provide round tables
      • Adult Christmas Party, currently scheduled for 12/18, 12 /17 would be ok also
        • Date = 12/17
        • Discussed possibilities again
          • Stadium discussed, bigger, more sterile – decided against
          • Panorama room = now Crimson Room – voted on = the location!
            • Chartwell’s = $30 per plate
            • Parking not issue, school not in session
            • No decorations = to remain holiday neutral
              • We can provide our own
            • The Point
              • $10 cheaper per plate, ?? whether includes dessert
              • Parking not issue
            • Other social activities discussed
              • Alison is working on socials involving various social activities around sport’s events, ie gymnastics, volleyball, basketball
                • Xan and Alison working on the basketball events
              • Wine or beer tasting
                • Discussed trying for January, maybe the 15th?
                • Discussed where and who to cater


Cabin update

  • Pat Shea reviewed recent email re usage and rights
  • Turn over water question to general counsel office per Mike Perez request
    • Clyde family developed water company
      • Water tank placed few years ago, done to upgrade
      • FC did have shares in the company
      • Would now like to dissolve
      • Need to be renewed every year, not sure if done every year
        • Likely this did not happen
      • LDSH church’s claim per email has taken over
        • Was placed as part of water company
        • Charged based on use
      • Will ask for Mike Perez to take over responsibility
        • FC has right to ongoing use
      • University own the cabin based on FC running the cabin
    • Pat Shea will draft letter, Joe / Judith to review


Treasurer’s Report

  • No formal report today
  • When discussed the recent years, question came up as to whether or not the FC received $10,000 for the 2014-2015 year. Dave to check on whether the FC did or did not receive the $10,000. This was discussed but not formally during the FC meeting, needs to be revisited


Meeting adjourned at 5:04pm

Next meeting planned for February 5, 2016 5pm at the Marriott before the next FC social