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November 2015 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2015


Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Joe Cunniff, Eleanor Divver, Pat Shea, Ashok Tuteja

Ex-Officio: John Burton, David Pendell

Excused: Alison Crum, Xan Johnson, Art Lipman


Joseph Cunniff presiding; meeting began 4:04p


Board Business

  • Joe informed us he is leaving UofU in the spring



  • Christmas Party: 12/11/2015 at 5:30p, Update
    • Clown, Jubjub – set
    • Utah Jive for photos – set
    • Santa – set
    • Balloon g’ma booked
    • Face painting booked
    • No need for stage
    • $250 for tables/chairs with $40 delivery for round tables from Utah chair rentals
      • Discussed round vs rectangle tables, is it worth the cost to promote more interaction between guests
      • Rectangle tables for pictures and food
      • Get green and red tablecloths
      • Will order 10 round tables
    • Discussed dessert, Eleanor thinking to order from Cowboy grub. She will just stop by and pick up cookies to avoid delivery fee
      • Chartwell better option because can provide drinks along with the dessert
      • Will go with Chartwell
    • Frame decorations – David to do
      • Has 55 frames
      • Wondering about ordering some kits for the younger kits – will order
    • To add butcher paper for children to write and draw on for Wish to the World – Xan’s idea, to make so?
  • Adult Christmas Party
    • Date = 12/17
    • Panorama room = now Crimson Room set now
    • Chartwell’s
      • 20 to $30 per plate
      • They provide the bartender
      • We will provide the alcohol
        • Eleanor recommends providing beer, red and white wine, board agreed
      • FC needs to provide the alcohol
        • CHartwell’s will provider bartender
        • We are approved for serving alcohol
        • Need to have 50% nonfaculty to provide (spouses/dates will count)
        • No decorations – we will need to provide
          • Eleanor will provide non flame candles
        • Other social activities discussed
          • Volley event is set on 11/12
            • Room / time set
            • Will be posted on At the U and a Flyer will be sent
          • Wine or beer tasting
            • Eleanor is offering her place (intend of rental place, checked, was $650)
            • Discussed trying for January, maybe the 16th
            • Tabled to discuss further at December’s meeting


Cabin update

  • Does sound like the water rights is an issue, does not seem to be an issue for the LDSH church
  • Valve is currently not functioning (“frozen” – not iced up, Seized up)
  • We may need wait until the spring to know if there are any further issues with pipes
  • John, Art, Judith, Eleanor went to visit the cabin
    • In drywall phase, should be painting soon
  • Upstairs and downstairs more open (smaller rooms removed)
  • 2 stalls in each bathroom with shower
  • Considered mattresses but not reasonable 2nd to bugs/rodents
  • Heat is wood burning stove
  • New windows/doors
  • $135,000 to be spent
  • No open house now, need to wait until spring
  • Discussed would be the charge for the FC members
    • John reminded us that the cabin purpose is for FC use
    • Could be university oriented event or personal event but the FC member must be there “sponsor”
    • Pat recommending that we meet now to discuss the FC rates
    • Will need to work with Perry Hacker to establish the rates for the FC specifically
    • Also need to establish who is going to be responsible for the immediate upkeep after an event and the long-term maintenance and seasonal up keep
    • There was an understanding that really the Cabin is useful for all University at large, not just the FC members, this is why the University was willing to pay for the renovation
    • Judith to contact Perry and Nate, along with John Burton



Treasurer’s Report

  • No formal report today
  • Confirmed FC received $10,000 for the 2015-2016 year
  • Also confirmed $10,000 not received for 2014-2015 year
    • Did confirm received for 2010-2011 through 2013-2014
  • Judith sent email this fall to explore how / why the FC receives the $10,000 annually
    • Received from Cathy Anderson (cc’d Ruth Watkins)
    • Included in the email is that the University is committed to supporting the FC
    • Not based on FC cash reserve but is purely based on University budget / resources issue
  • Historically FC reserve at end of fiscal year has been between $3500-9000
    • Does not include the water rights
  • Formal budget not developed yet. Pat had recommended that Dave work with someone in his office. Hasn’t occurred yet
    • Discussed how the budget is presented to the members of the FC each year in May
    • Dave to contact John (who has budgetary experience) again to establish formal budget
  • Recommended made that the FC continue to monitor for the $10,000 FC support fund each year
    • Discussed importance of knowing how much the FC has going into the academic year, before the socials begin
    • Dave to check when the $10,000 is typically deposited in the FC account


Discussed meeting before Children’s party

  • Decided on 12/4 at 5pm
  • Address 252 south 1300 east, Pat’s office

Meeting adjourned at 5:03pm