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September 2015 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2015

Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Joe Cunniff, Xan Johnson, Eleanor Divver

Ex-Officio: John Burton, Art Lipman, David Pendell

Excused: Pat Shea, Alison Crum, Ashok Tuteja

Joseph Cunniff presiding; meeting began 4:07p

Board Business

  • Minutes reviewed, motion made to approve, 2nd
  • Membership
    • 10 Emeriti faculty paid last year, Judith has sent out an email to these faculty to remind them of this year (see email from 8/5/2015)
  • Website update
    • Judith has been working with Marketing and Communications (Scott Troxel and Niki. From email of 8/17/2015
      • They charge $75 per hour
      • The update for the website < $1000, depending on time involved. Not > $1000.
      • Will look like rest of U of U websites
      • They would:
    • Update the look

2) Make it similar to other U of U websites

3) Keep it on the cloud – for security and server reliability

4) Make it mobile compatible, so people can look at it on their cell

phones and have the content work properly

5) Provide hosting assistance in perpetuity

6) Provide tutorials and videos for those who will be doing content


7) Keep the application up to date – if there are updates of WordPress

– the app the site currently uses ( and will keep).

  • Faculty Club (FC) board approved to move forward with using Marketing and Communications to update the website via email
  • Can have links
    • to FC board minutes
    • to the Newsletter
    • from the main university website faculty page to our website
  • Faculty can join the FC via the website, but only through payroll deduction
  • Emeriti faculty will still need to pay with check or cash via Shawnee
  • Judith also plans to meet with Marketing on 9/15 at 2pm to talk about getting out the word re the FC. Xan made it!



  • Christmas Party: Friday 12/11/2015 at 5:30p
    • Venue chosen = Moran Eye Center, is booked
    • Santa successful last year, consider having them come earlier
    • Balloon g’ma has been booked
    • Face painting: Eleanor has contacted, cost $75 for 2 hrs, ok’d by board
    • Discussed the video, parents liked
    • Discussed table decorations worked well, discussed adding additional decorations, ie on the walls
    • Frame decorating
      • Need to know frame sizes first, then can order photo paper
    • Things left to do
      • Clown, Jubjub – Eleanor to check on
      • Utah Jive for photos – Eleanor to call
      • To order stick on frame decorations – David to do
      • To add butcher paper for children to write and draw on for Wish to the World – Xan’s idea, to make so?
      • Discussed adding short platform for Santa and Magician to perform on — ?? who will check on this
      • To check with hospital re refreshments – Eleanor to check on

I checked, last year was University. This year we should try hospital – also suggest different tables? Wonder if hospital catering has them?

  • Adult Christmas Party, currently scheduled for 12/18, 12 /17 would be ok also
    • Discussed various locations, here are the assignments for checking out the possibilities
      • Xan – the stadium
      • Eleanor – Town Club, Panorama room
      • The Point – Joe
      • Golf Club – Judith
    • Various social activities discussed
      • Babcock event went well
      • Basketball social, Red Butte hikes
      • Wine tasting / Beer tasting discussed
        • Locations discussed, ie Caputos or Liberty Heights Fresh – Joe to check on
      • JW to send out last year’s list


Cabin update

  • Work has begun, contractor found
    • Problem = infestation
    • Currently gutting interior
    • Rodent proofing needed
    • Concrete pad poured to bolt generator
    • Building inner fence to keep out sheep
    • Hopefully to be done by end of October
  • Nate Miles continues to be project manager
  • More money has been made available for cabin renovation = $146K
  • Who will remain in-charge of maintaining the Cabin
    • Not under faculty club responsibility
    • Goes under purview of the Guest House
    • FC to continue to use, after University use, ie retreats.
      • Discussed the importance of the FC using the cabin to demonstrate that the FC values the cabin
    • Once cabin done, will set up event – this fall if weather permits. Otherwise will plan event for the Spring
    • Good idea to take pictures of the FC board at the Cabin and post on the website
    • Will not really be set up for winter use, not insulated or heated


Treasurer’s Report

  • Request made for FC budget
    • Pat is still working with Dave on putting together a budget in Excel
  • Recent years reviewed, end of year balances
    • 6/2012 = $5005
    • 6/2013 = $4082
    • 6/2014 = $7087
    • 6/2015 = $9671
  • Current balance is $21,833
    • Includes the $10,000 from the U of U (2015)
    • Includes dues from July and August ($1100 per month)
  • When discussed the recent years, question came up as to whether or not the FC received $10,000 for the 2014-2015 year. Dave to check on whether the FC did or did not receive the $10,000
  • Xan recommends having a dialogue with U of U admin, Ruth Watkins office re the annual $10,000 FC support. To review the benefits of having a rainy day fund so the annual monetary support continues. Xan and Joe will schedule a meeting after checks with Shawnee


Meeting adjourned at 5:06pm

Next meeting planned for October 2nd, 4pm at the Marriott before the next FC social