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June 2017 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Notes


Present: Judith Warner, Susie Sanderson, Mohammad Mirfhakrai, Eleanor Divver, Ashok Tuteja, Dave Morrison (E expected)

Excused: Xan Johnson, David Pendell (E), John Burton (E), Yuan Ji, Evert Lawton, Gillian Tufts

Opened at 4:11pm

Welcomed Susie Sanderson, nurse practitioner with Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases.  All introduced, Mohammad’s first meeting as President.

Judith moved minutes last meeting, Mohammad seconded, all approved.

Judith, Eleanor and Mohammad met with Shirley LaGrand from Marriott Park Hotel.  Interested in having us stay in Marriott for next academic year.  Set up food, drinks, location in two rooms in back of Allie’s.  Maybe expand activities.  Croquet on for September.  Shirley will look at FC discounts at Marriott.

Summer activities and events

We looked at survey spearheaded by Mohammad, Yuan and Maddy.  Judith suggested each person interested in a particular activity initiate organization, date, communication with members, decisions on food, etc.  Put on Outlook Calendar (set up by Shawnee, called Faculty Club). Wine tasting on July 15th set up by Eleanor, hosted by Lea Erickson, invitations went out. Everyone brings one of either white or red California wines.  Judith arranging docent-led tour of Red Butte Gardens.  Movie organized by Eleanor and held in her back yard. Yuan taking on Wildflower festival tour – JW and Moh to encourage. Moh arranging Pickleball.

September 8th is first social of the AY. Croquet planned.

Cabin Bash

Last year 65 RSVPed, but 54 showed up; too much food left over.  Mohammad wants to know when any unexpected expenses come up, so he can ask the EB to approve.  For example, 60 people at last wine-tasting, which worked out to $9.00/person.  We’re using Pat’s Barbeque for the Cabin Bash, and he will have it ready at 10:30am that Saturday.  Mohammad will check with Pat’s to see whether we were given a higher quote this year, $635.00 for 60 people, and we’re not sure whether we paid $435.00 last year for 50 people – we will check on that.

Judith brought up about the cabin:  University Administration is still looking into selling the cabin, with proceeds to go to a FC endowment.  It is available for rental, even overnight, but there was some small damage with chimney flooding that will be fixed (Nate has money left in his fund, and some apparent warranty with the contractor who did the last repair).  Judith has code for gate lock, and will get directions for us to open up and turn on utilities for the Cabin Bash. Judith will ask Perry to have place cleaned inside. Basic rental $150.00 per night, up to $250.00 for larger parties or all-day type things or if not FC member.

New faculty orientation in August

We should have someone go to recruit new FC members.  Trina will let us know when this happens. We have had notices in ‘Ask the U,’ and previous membership drives by FC members have been most effective. We discussed ways to add baby-sitting services for younger faculty, but there would be accompanying problems with faculty club liability. Ashok will continue with newsletter. Please forward photos to Maddy for use on website and newsletter.

Dave’s treasurer notes

Dave was asked to compile notes on holiday party expenses and incomes, and received the following information compiled by Maddy:

Children’s Party

Jub Jub the Clown 150
Mailers 713.95
Santa 175
Balloon Granny 150
Changing Faces (face painters) 375
Dan’s food 57.18
Domino’s pizza 110.44
Decorations/supplies 139.37
Catering 187.53
Total 2,058.47 and $130.00 in income

Adult Party

Le Croissant catering 2241.28
Rob Snow (DJ) 300
Wine and nuts 156.95
Monson Center rental 876.05
Total 3,574.28 and $1,350 in income

With our final membership fees from the last AY we had $2360.57 in the Faculty Club account, and we had one additional debit of $416.00 to Pat’s Barbeque, for a final balance of $1,944.57 for the AY.  Our previous contribution of $10,000.00 to the Faculty Club from University Administration is still uncertain for our new AY.

We will have one more meeting of the Executive Board this summer to elect officers for our next Fall Semester. 

Move adjourn by Judith, seconded by Mohammad.