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February 2018 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2018


Present: Judith Warner, Xan Johnson, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Maddie Oritt, Roxine Lawton, Yuan Ji, Susan Sanderson, Ashok Tuteja

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, David Pendell

Excused: John Burton


Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding: meeting began 4:00p

Board Business

  • Minutes
    • October minutes – Not on website, JW found, sent to Maddy for website
    • November minutes, moved to pass, 2nd, approved
  • Facebook page
    • Posting pictures
    • Asking us to spread the word about our FaceBook page to promote the FC and the University
      • Maybe this would also be way to promote the FC too
    • We should add pictures from tonight to keep it up-to-date – Yuan on it!
  • Membership
    • Current count is 273, including Emerti who haven’t paid yet (~20 – due September of the academic year) Maddy, could you get a list, so we can follow up on this, perhaps start by email?
    • 240 pay by paycheck
    • 9 Emerti paying by check (2 haven’t paid this year)
    • 2 paying cash (1 Emerti), 1 not paid yet


Treasurer’s Report

  • Current balance = $8411
    • We did receive the $10,000
    • ~$1100 coming in per mo
  • Monthly Social cost
    • $1650 per night – food and gratuity
    • Eleanor, Moh, Judith met with Marriott to work on lower the cost
    • A budget given and they have been working within this budget and has been going well
    • Xan (in-coming President), Eleanor, Roxine planning to meet with Marriott to plan next year’s socials
    • $742 for alcohol first social (this is the one with the Margarita’s) but was well-attended and good time. Following months less: Oct = $292, Nov = $347


Cabin update

  • No recent update re physical updates, handicap update is unclear
  • 10 reservations last summer, these were University
  • Perry Hacker invited to Faculty Christmas dinner, never responded, asked to give accouting of use, no answer – JW to contact Nate Miles and Perry Hacker for follow up
  • Fire alarms, battery powered installed
  • FC can rent overnight
  • Rest of faculty only by the day
  • Cost per night
  • Opening bash for cabin – date set June 23


PPL Faculty Club Faculty Public
1 – 10 $75 $100 $300
11 – 20 $100 $2 $450
20+ $200 $300 $600


  • Business dinner budgeted $2500 in May 2017, cost ~$2450
    • Discussed date for business meeting, looking at weekend right after finals, either May 5 or 6
    • Planning for Old Mill golf course again, worked well last year
    • Need additional tray of veggies
    • Eleanor to check if they are open on Sunday or not, Yes they are open, booked Sunday night
  • Current events
    • 2/2 FC Social
      • Tarot card reader tonight
      • Valentine making night
    • Basketball game on 2/8
      • Pizza at reception at Annex before
      • Eleanor and Judith are hostesses – thank you!!
      • Maddie planning to send out 2 reminder emails this coming week
    • Discussed possibilities
      • Discussed having different events to encourage broader interests and more people, more personality styles ie
      • PickleBall event
        • Popular sport, maybe at the free outdoor courts
      • Keep the Wild Flower hike and the Red Butte event
      • Possibly doing a Murder Mystery night
        • Eleanor may be willing, has done several times
        • Events are set for a limited number, but can be expanded. Need advanced warning of parts etc for costumes.
        • Considering for April
      • Women’s softball
        • Later in March on a Sunday afternoon
      • Beer tasting – summer
      • PTC, considering scheduling event for preview night
        • ?? Maybe Twelfth night, the preview may be 3/28
        • Xan will check into this
      • Trivia night
    • Cabin Bash for June 23 (keeping it away from July 4th)


Next FC Board meeting: March 2, 2018, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5pm