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February 2017 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2017

Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Xan Johnson, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja
Ex-Officio: John Burton, Art Lipman, David Pendell
Excused: Alison Crum, Pat Shea, Maddy Oritt

Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 4:05p
Board Business
• November minutes accepted after motion made and 2nd, passed
• Board members
o Members whose term expires 2017
 Allison can’t continue, has conflict
 Ashok is interested in continuing on the board
 Judith will check with Pat Shea
o Dave is planning to retire this year and will stay on as Emeritus, per the Bylaws he could remain as Treasurer, but his board role will need to be filled
• Brick and Mortar FC location
o Judith checked in with Frank Esplin re possibility in new Alumni Building (next to Sill Center, mid-campus)
o Xan talked about having a room earmarked for a specified FC space, for meetings, for storage. Xan reports there is no formal plan for Brick/Mortar site for FC on campus by the Univ of Utah administration
o Need to have central location
o Discussion followed was about whether an official place is truly needed as historically the U of U FC has not had this for many years.
o Not really more advantageous over Marriott (free location, pay for food, ETOH available)
• New members
o Picked up several at November meeting and Children’s party
• 2 credit cards for FC
o Currently Maddy has one and Eleanor the other
o Maddy is recommending the Eleanor keep the credit card 2nd to need for social events
o Judith made motion the Social Director keep one of the credit cards (with Judith as back up in case needed). Xan 2nd, passed
• Discussed the $10,000 from the U of U each year. We did not get it this past year 2nd to the existing balance, was about $6000 at each of 2015-2016 fiscal year. So FC did not receive for 2016-17. Discussed the concern of not use it, we lose it.
o Board is requesting the Mohammad, Dave and Xan meet with Ruth Watkins or Head accountant, Kathy Anderson, towards end of this fiscal year to review the need for the $10,000 for FC

• Utes Basketball game is next week, 2/9. Discussed having pregame social and where
o At the Marriott: pros/cons
 Had problem with food here, tiny pizzas
 There is shuttle
 ETOH available
o What about the Moran, thinking 5:30 to 6:30
 Free
 We could bring the pizzas
 TRAX right across the street
 Parking not a problem
 Judith to check if the auditorium is available or not
• May Business meeting
o Discussed locations, reviewed Old Mill Golf course (1st choice), Café Molise (2nd choice)
 Dates discussed ****
 Parking is available at both
 ETOH will be more expensive at Café Molise
 Start at 6:30p, dinner at 7p
 Discussed the Point (dirty, we weren’t really welcome, people did love the site/view)
 Eleanor to check on the sites
• Wine tasting
o 48 people attended
o People appeared to really enjoy
 Plan for another in the summer, member volunteered.
• Friday socials
o Marriott might want to FC social move to one of the banquet rooms 2nd to the # people attending
o Wanted to do it this month but Eleanor pushed back, so will see how it goes tonight
• Xan introduced the idea of Pickle ball as social activity

Cabin update
• Judith still checking on the status weekly
• New person hired in Mike Perez’s position = Robin Burr
• No update currently

Treasurer’s Report
• Financial report
o End of January $6982.64 currently
o ~$1145 per month in dues (we have recently picked up new members)
o Next meeting – full report on Children and Adult Socials – Dave
• No report for December events yet

Next meeting: March 3, 2017, 4p Marriott Hotel
Meeting adjourned at 5pm