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April 2018 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes
April 6, 2018

Present: Judith Warner, Yuan Ji, Xan Johnson, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Maddy Oritt, Roxine Lawton
Ex-Officio: David Pendell, John Burton
Excused: David Morrison, Ashok Tuteja, Susan Sanderson

Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding: meeting began 4:05p
Board Business
• Minutes
o Motion made to approve minutes, 2nd, passed
• 2018-2019 FC Monthly Socials
o Meet with Shirley LeGrande (manager of Marriott), Xan and Eleanor
o Dates and menus set
 Menu set by Chef
• $1650 per month over past year
• $30 per dish X 50
• We have chosen the type of meat/salad/veggie with Chef making small changes within
 H/o no service charge, over past 3 years 10% included for staff who serves us
• Normally would be 23%, they give us 10%
• Tax-exempt for food
• But not for alcohol
 Alcohol
• On average $526 per social
• Also reviewed that our new space will be ready for new year, it will be easier to monitor who is coming in, ie
o Sign in sheet with name and departments
o ?? name tags
• Last month’s alcohol bill came back down to previous months
• Discussing 2 tickets per attendee
• At end of discussion, Mo proposed waiting to see what happens over coming months, all agreed. Idea tabled for now
o Well then put together the dates, menu, themes, location and send out to the faculty, everything will be set
• Issue of non-faculty individuals joining the FC
o Currently adjuncts can join, at least FT and/or benefitted status
o The more faculty the better
o However, there $5 dues may not cover their cost of food/drink, etc
o Somewhat lengthy discussed ensued
o Here is what our constitution states: “There shall be three classes of membership for the Faculty Club: Active, Associate, and Honorary, with eligibility for each based on the category of faculty position, with categories and ranks defined as provided in University Policy 6-300–The University Faculty.
(a) Active membership shall be open (i) to all members of the University faculty with the rank of instructor or above appointed (A) to a Tenure-line category position, or (B) to a Career-line (Clinical, Lecturer, or Research) category position of at least 50 percent Full-Time-Equivalent (.5 FTE); (ii) to all administrative officers of the University whose appointments are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees; (iii) to all emeritus faculty members (and emeritus administrative officers); and (iv) to such others as are approved by the Board of Directors of the club.
(b) Associate membership shall be open to visiting and adjunct faculty members.
(c) Honorary membership shall be granted to the members of the Board of Trustees, to all club members who retire from the University, to the spouses/domestic partners of emeritus faculty members or administrative officers, and to such others as are approved by the Board of Directors of the club. However, those retired members of the faculty who maintain a salaried connection with the University (carried by payroll division) shall be considered as Active members subject to customary assessments unless they resign from club membership.
• Elections
o Call to go out in Mid-March
o 3 are rolling off the board
 This included Moh, Eleanor, Xan who are all planning to continue

Treasurer’s Report
• No formal report today

• Annual Board Meeting
o Set for May 6th
o Start time, a little earlier since is Sunday, so at 5:30p
• Summer activities
o Cabin Bash
 Decided on 6/23/18 (staying away from July 4th)
 Stick with Pat’s BBQ
 Gillian can pick up
 Need to make sure this is announced at May business meeting
o Hiking group, Sunday mornings
 Consider setting up first one later in June
 Wasn’t clear by end of discussion who was going to call to check re hike, possibly combined with wildflower event, Yuan Ji?

Next FC Board meeting: May 6, 2018, 6p during business meeting
Meeting adjourned at 5pm