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March 2016 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2016


Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Pat Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson

Ex-Officio: John Burton, David Pendell, Art Lipman

Excused: Alison Crum, Pat Shea, Joe Cunniff


Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 4:05p

Board Business

  • Recruitment
    • Discussed mailing postcard to all faculty
      • We will need to cover the cost of postage
    • Story in @ the U – Need to include why faculty should join the Faculty club, reminded this is on the Faculty Club website – maybe stories – Dave agreed to be our spokesperson.



  • Discussing location and activity of May Members Board meeting
    • Point at Huntsman, location voted and passed
    • Date May 7th
      • Reveiwed The Point vs Gallivan center
      • Either place we would need to hire a bartender ($250-300)
      • Either place FC would need to provide booze, ie cost for xmas party was $140
        • Gallivan center has 2 rooms
          • $600 fee for facility, bar, chair etc (not the alcohol)
          • $5 per car for parking
          • We can choose our own cater
          • Ie Café Rio at $12 per person
        • The Point cost wise likely less
          • Chose from lunch menu = $17 per person
          • No rental fee
          • Food is good
          • Beautiful view
          • Parking is free and easier
          • Considered line dancing – Point really not interested, so have let go
          • Board discussed, consensus agreement to use the Point
        • Old mill Golf course discussed (likely more cost)
      • Need to have business meeting, discussed charging the faculty attending. The meeting is required by our bylaws. Concern re spending money to feed all the attendees, setting an expectation to provide the dinner. Discussed the business meeting should be on the FC. Adding in $400 for the booze.
    • Event at the Cabin
      • Discussed end of May or maybe early fall, at beginning of semester.
      • Judith suggested having executive meeting there in summer, ie June. May help to get the Cabin done
      • Politically best if we used it this summer
    • Will discuss the beer tasting at next meeting
    • PTC
      • Preview event for Cowgirls (musical)
      • March 24
      • Xan will check for tickets for FC members
    • Chamber concert event, next event is 4/11
      • FC gets discounted tickets
      • Tickets sold ahead, proceeds go to the Chamber music Society; on day of the event, goes to the U
    • Consider Babcock event during the summer — cancelled
    • Fast-pitch softball event
      • Season starts soon
      • PAC 12 games (Ariz State)
        • Discussed, consensus = 4/16 4p game
      • Discussed possibly as faculty club event
      • Xan will check into this
        • Discussed food – Xan will check into whether we can “tailgate” during the game


Cabin update

  • Really it is ready now, they are trying to finish up on some punch list items that require some warm weather to finish up
  • The water is still in the works, no definite answer yet.


Treasurer’s Report

  • No formal report today


New Business

Next meeting April 1st, 4 – 5p, Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm