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April 2016 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Executive Board Meeting

University Park Hotel

April 1, 2016

Present: Dave Morrison, David Pendell, Judith Warner, Eleanor Divver, Art Lipman, Ashok Tuteja, Pat Shea, Joe Cunniff, John Burton

Excused: Alison Crum, Gillian Tufts, Xan Johnson


The Faculty Club is sponsoring a “Hotdog Social” on April 16th, at the Dumke Family Softball Stadium, at 4:00pm.  Art volunteered to bring hot dogs, condiments, relishes, plates, napkins, etc., and David P will bring some tables for set-up.  Gillian will be there to help, and Xan will serve as the FC greeter and “social guy.”


Eleanor confirmed our annual Business Meeting is on May 7th at the Point from 6:30-9:00pm.  Menu will be a choice of London broil or caramelized salmon, desserts will be chosen later.  David P will create a flyer and reservation form that we can send out to members.


We also discussed a beer-tasting to be held – tentatively – on June 4th at 7:00pm at Eleanor’s house.  A suggestion was made to invite wine-drinkers and have new wines available as well, so they would not feel left out at a beer-tasting!  If warm enough, Eleanor has room outside.


We have tentatively identified June 25, 2016, as the combined ‘Cabin Bash’ and Summer Board Meeting at the newly-renovated UofU/Faculty Club cabin.  Judith will be in touch with Perry Hacker and Nate Miles to confirm completion of renovation work and availability for occupancy. Emails have been encouraging.


There were at least 20 people at the recent ‘Cowgirls’ Faculty Club dress rehearsal, and attendees reported that it was excellent, and well worth attending. Many accolades received.


There has been a gap in administrative assistance, with Shawnee at much less than 1/ 2 time. We hope things will improve when a new admin assistant is hired.


Elections –


Judith, Gillian and myself are up for re-election to the Executive Board, and we have a new FC member – Mohammad Mirfhakrai from the Marriott Library – who has nominated himself.  After discussion a decision was reached to have any new candidate elected to the board fill the two-year vacancy left by EB member Joe Cunniff, who is leaving the U this month for Minnesota.  It doesn’t appear to be necessary to appoint someone to the board “until the next election” as this will occur in the next few weeks. The Executive Board thanked Joe for his service to the FC and presented him with a bottle of wine.


Publicity for the faculty club was sent by marketing person Annalisa as “cascading email,” but did not get forwarded by all deans to all of their faculty.  Out of 17 schools, about half were even opened up and forwarded.  Judith had the email re-sent by the assistant to the Dean of the School of medicine, and got lots of responses. We will try to get the names of the assistants to the deans, which may promote more “cascading”. There was concern in the SOM faculty that the email was spam, as it was not clearly identified, and had a attachment, since the content designed by marketing could not be in the body of the email. Dave will meet with Annalisa to create a faculty profile to be used to attract other faculty to the FC, and we will try to have new brochures and flyers ready by summer.


Eleanor asked about the eligibility of visiting faculty to join, and consensus was that visiting faculty – who are not on our payroll system – may join us and pay dues of $60.00 per academic year through the Park Building.


Budget –


Dave reported that we have $6300.00 left in our account for this academic year.  With $2500.00 budgeted for our April 16th social and $3500.00 for the annual business meeting and ‘Cabin Bash’ in May, we should have enough funds available to finish the year.  We receive about $522.00 in member fees each paycheck from the payroll.  We should also receive our annual contribution of $10,000.00 from University Administration sometime after July 1st.


Ashok will start working on a new newsletter. Judith will ask Shawnee to post the newletter on the website, and will attach it to an upcoming email.


Any errors are mine!


Dave Morrison, FC Treasurer