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March 2018 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2018

Present: Xan Johnson, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Maddie Oritt, Roxine Lawton, John Burton, Susan Sanderson

Ex-Officio: David Morrison

Excused: Judith Warner, Yuan Ji, David Pendell, Ashok Tuteja

Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding: meeting began 4:05p

Board Business

  • Minutes
    • Motion made to approve minutes, 2nd, passed
  • Drink tickets
    • Issue came up 2nd to the last FC social bill and cost of alcohol with February social
      • Cost was $601 (almost doubled from November)
      • Discussed why the increased number
      • Maybe have a set amount of wine/beer and once we run out, then no more
      • There was an increased number of attendees last month, we were also in an open area. We suspect there may have been hotel guest who joined us also
    • Proposal on table is 2 drink tickets per faculty member
      • Discussion ensued
        • Begin next social to give us time to let members know
        • Roxine brought up we do have $7000 in our account and that This is the first time the alcohol tab was this high, double or more from previous months
        • Discussed waiting over next couple of months to see how things pan out
        • Discussed the logistics of handing out the tickets, not easy
        • Consensus decision is to wait and see what happens over the next couple of socials
        • Maddie / Judith have had signs made for the FC, we will put them up tonight and see if this prevents anyone from joining who is not part of the FC
      • Issue of non-faculty individuals joining the FC
        • Currently adjuncts can join, at least FT and/or benefitted status
        • The more faculty the better
        • However, there $5 dues may not cover their cost of food/drink, etc
        • Moh asked Roxine could possibly make some projections re number joined and how the amount of dues coming in would look financially
      • Elections
        • Call to go out in Mid-March
        • 3 are rolling off the board
          • This included Moh, Eleanor, Xan who are all planning to continue


Treasurer’s Report

  • Current balance = $7270
  • Children’s party
    • Discrepancy in amount spent between what Maddie has recorded and what Roxanne has recorded – they will look into this
  • Adult party
    • $3600
    • $1000 collected
    • Total spent was about $2600, similar to last year



  • Pizza and basketball event went well (2/8/18)
    • 46 had RSVP’d
    • Families present
  • PTC play, In The Heights
    • Xan will check into availability for the dress rehearsal Thursday before (3/15)
  • Business dinner budgeted $2500 in May 2017, cost ~$2450
    • Planning for Old Mill golf course again, worked well last year
    • Old Mill is available on 5/6, planning for earlier start time, 5 – 5:30p
    • Hoping for 50 to 60 people, like last year
  • Discussed possibilities
    • Planning to keep the Wild Flower hike (Yuan)
    • Planning to keep Red Butte event (Judith)
    • Possibly doing a Murder Mystery night – put on hold, try for need year
    • Softball event in April
      • Xan will look into
    • Beer tasting – summer event
    • PTC, considering scheduling event for preview night
      • Xan will check into this (see above)
    • Discussed ways of increasing special activities to increase connecting between faculty
      • Ie skiing, hiking, golfing, bike ride, pickle ball day
      • Maybe a way is to develop sub-clubs
      • Could Facebook be a way of helping faculty with like-interests connect
      • Sending out an email to all faculty club members
        • Re the idea of sub-clubs
        • Re what interests are for sub-clubs
        • Initially can have faculty sent an “I’m interested” email to Maddy – she can be the point person for now.
      • Also talked about ways of increasing social connections during the monthly socials
        • Ie moving around during the social
        • Ie what we did during the last Business Meeting, where attendees moved around to meet and get to know others


Next FC Board meeting: April 6, 2018, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 5pm