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March 2017 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes
March 3, 2017

Present: David Morrison, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Eleanor Divver, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja
Ex-Officio: John Burton, Art Lipman, David Pendell
Excused: Xan Johnson, Alison Crum, Pat Shea, Maddy Oritt

Judith Warner presiding; meeting began 4:05p
Board Business
• February minutes accepted after motion made and 2nd, passed
o Needed to add in dated of Annual Faculty Club Business meeting: May 6th
• Board members
o Members whose term expires 2017
 Allison Crum and Pat Shea have declined to continue on the board next year
 Dave will continue as emeritus can continue as Treasurer – he brought up issue of whether he can vote or not. Tabled this discussion until the summer meeting, can then assess who is now on the board and interest for the role. Other issue is access to University sites when Emeritus vs active faculty
 Ashok will continue
 So will need 3 new members
o Discussed process of nominating new members
 Send out call Mid-March
 Ok to self nominate
 Voting will then be in mid-April
 Then announce at Annual Business meeting

• Annual Faculty Club Business meeting
o No charge for members
o Will have RSVP
o 6:30p social, 7p dinner
o Old mill Golf course all set
 They do the catering for the food
• Chicken parmesan with Caesar salad
• Mushroom lasagna
• Variety of desserts
• $25 / person
 Beautiful view
 We will need bring alcohol, they will provide bartender
o Possible activities – discussed between the 2 activities below
 Rob Snow with music for dancing
 Chat packs – reviewed how well this went last year
 Discussed the point of the meeting – it is a business meeting for the members, decided will go with the Chat Packs to promote interaction among members
• Discussed monthly social at Marriott
o Growing out of our space, growing out of our back section of Allie’s
 In Connor tonight
 Still no charge for area, No service charge, No bartender charge
o Gotten louder –last month (February), we did Valentine’s, maybe was part of problem
o Concern is infringing on hotel guests
o Want to put us in a separate conference room, separate from the restaurant
o Tent is available some months, we could consider for
 September, October, April meetings
 Too cold for winter months
o Still trying to accommodate the Faculty Club
o If we want to continue using Allie’s
 Cost would be $1500 to use whole area
o But Marriott is planning to remodel the pool area into a meeting room. This is a possibility for faculty club. Is in planning stages, maybe ready in a year
• Briefly discussed other locations
o Red Butte = too Expensive
o Consensus is Marriott is best for consistency, ease of service, price
• Utes Basketball game event on 2/9
o 15 came
o At Moran
o Some walked down, some took TRAX, worked well, very easy
• Reviewed possible summer events
o Talked about Pickle Ball as social activity — Xan and Mohammed to work on
o Volleyball as social event – Xan to check on
o Babcock or other theater events – Xan to check on previews for free
o Event at Kingsbury – Dave to check on
o Event with Red Butte, i.e. guided walk, then have social event before or after — Judith to check
o Reminder, there is an outlook calendar which Shawnee started. Can make sure events don’t overlap

Cabin update
• Judith was at Senate Academic meeting in December, spoke with David Pershing re Cabin, he helped to get some discussion moving re Cabin
o Romney (ADA guy) said no go
o Turns out Cabin was listed as high occupancy site, has been relooked at and has been deemed residential
 So now only need CO and fire alarms
• Hard-wired vs battery. Much of year and potentially overnight, power would be off so doesn’t make sense. Nate is working with contractor re these issues
 Still needs ramps
 Cabin bash hopefully on for June 2017
• Discussed date for the bash, set for June 17, 2017
o There has been increasing interest in using the Cabin (per Perry Hacker)

Treasurer’s Report
• Financial report
o Took in $1135 via dues
o Paid out $141 last month
o Current balance $7441.72
• Need Christmas parties update: both Children’s & Adult’s, tabled until next month, Dave to work on
• Xan, Mo and Judith plan to meet re annual $10,000 and why it’s important to continue providing this to the Faculty Club

Next meeting: April 7, 2017, 4p Marriott Hotel
Meeting adjourned at 5pm