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Business Meeting, May, 2, 2020

Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson, Judith Warner, Ashok Tuteja, Shawn Steidinger, Abbas Rashidi, Man Hung, Gillian Tufts, David Pendell

7 faculty club members attended


Judith Warner presiding, meeting began at 5:03p

Board Business

  • Welcome and Election results – (JW)
    • Historically business meeting every May
    • Elections:
      • Ashok Tuteja
      • Shawn Steidinger (introduced)
      • Aaron Phillips
      • Roxine will con’t as treasurer, training new board member(s) over this year
      • Eleanor will continue as social director, training new board member(s) over this year
    • No more news about FC at the stadium
      • A brick and mortar space – one example was
      • Requesting no charge for FC to use
      • But charged for food and drink
    • Planning for a FC board meeting in June, date/time TBA, stay tuned


Treasurer Report

  • Report from Treasurer – Roxine
    • Current standing
      • $12,629 currently
      • About $6000 more than last year at this same time
    • Cabin monies should begin mid next year
      • $20,000 per year
      • Then may stop receiving money from the University
      • Concern is losing the initial $10,000 but we are planning for events until the Cabin money begins
      • Hoping for the Fall breakfast, end of year dinner, first social, etc. Will need funds for these
    • Still need to submit a budget
      • Roxine with Xan, then will submit to the University
      • Generally will be end of June for next year


Social events

  • Report from Social director – Eleanor
    • None today
  • Report from Social Media directors, Man and Abbas
    • Looking after the FC social media, ie the Facebook page
    • Also to advertise the events
    • Discussed Meet up account
      • Organizer of the account does need to pay a monthly fee, those following do not need to pay
    • Report from Hiking team and wildflower hikes?
      • There have been several successful hikes over past year, pictures on FB page
      • Roxine reports no word on Wildflower hikes yet, waiting until things open up, ie yellow stage
      • BBQ is also on hold for now
      • Will wait and see for now
      • For future hikes
        • Would like to wait/watch
        • Concern is physical distancing and comfort level of participants


New Business

  • Ask members to send us thoughts/ ideas for new activities?
    • Happy hour via Zoom
    • Possible social with speaker ie
      • Emergency preparedness event with speakers and help with prepping emergency supplies
      • Virtual book club
    • Virtual knitting group for faculty
  • A few words from our new President (Xan)….
    • Welcomed new members
    • Talked about the importance of social connecting for faculty


Next FC Board meeting: Summer meeting to choose board roles (president elect, social director in training, treasurer in training etc)

Meeting adjourned about 6pm