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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2020


Present: Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson, Judith Warner, Aaron Phillips, Man Hung, Abbas Rashidi

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, John Burton

Excused: David Pendell, Jill Moriearty, Jane Laird, Shawn Steidinger


Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4:03p

Board Business

  • Minutes
    • October 2019 and February, both reviewed and passed
  • Election for president elect (vice-president)
    • Mohammed Mirfakhrai nominated himself
    • Motion made to confirm Mo’s nomination, 2nd by Ashok, passed. Mo will be the vice-president for AY 2020-2021 and president 2021-2022
  • Discussed who would be interested in being the Social Director for the AY 2021-2022
    • Would be a good time to work with Eleanor over this next year
    • Xan mentioned the Faculty Club members but really needs to be a FC board members
    • Discussed having co-directors to share the work
      • Reviewed the major events needing the social director vs the smaller events where a volunteer FC board member can do
      • Divide the tasks and then both work with Eleanor this coming year
      • Judith moved that Man Hung and Shawn Steidinger to be co-Social Directors 2021-2022, 2nd by Mo, passed


Social events

  • Mo and Ashok to continue working on the hikes
  • Abbas and Man will continue to work on establish Meet-up for hiking
  • Did discuss concern of scheduling events now with increased infection rate
    • Board will need to pass before begins
  • Wildflower hikes
    • Is currently on-line, information will be posted
    • No guided hikes
    • Groups of < 50 with Yellow alert with ability to physical distance/wear masks should be ok
    • Discussed continuing to try with the Wildflower hike but with boxed lunch
    • In July: the 18th
    • Discussion re how to let the members know, a save the date email
    • Who should do this, Judith to do (done)
    • Gillian willing to take the lunch orders
    • Roxine Lawton to keep track of the hike
  • Faculty socials
    • Discussed buffet style vs a type of “boxed” dinner
    • Judith suggests meeting with Marriott with Xan and Eleanor to discuss the meals and how to physical distance
  • Welcome back breakfast in August
    • Discussed concern of how many faculty will actually be on campus with hybrid type class format
  • Maybe instead with 2nd Friday in August have an outdoor event on the patio at the Marriott
    • With “boxed” dinner
    • Check with Marriott how there are doing drinks
  • Did some brainstorming re group activities
    • Indoor or outdoor
    • Indoor/Zoom
      • Comedy
      • Group discussion around activity
      • Crafts
      • Book club discussion
    • Outdoor
      • The Hikes
      • Bike rides or maybe stationary bike group activity


New items

  • Need to address our administration support person
    • Our support person is also assigned to academic senate, which has been a very intense position, leaving less time/bandwidth for FC issues
    • What we need
      • RSVPs
      • Sending out notifications to the membership via the listserv
      • Computer skills
    • This position is also involved with Finances, paying bills, reconciling credit card, paperwork for people hired for activities (children’s party etc)
      • Concern is money from Adult party sat for nearly 2 months before deposited
      • Xan to look into this issue, to see # hours this position has slated for the Faculty Club


Next FC Board meeting: August 14 or possibly September 4, 2020 (depending on next social)

Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm