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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

Sept 11, 2020


Present: Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Roxine Lawton, Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson, Judith Warner, Man Hung, Jill Moriearty, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai

Ex-Officio: John Burton

Excused: David Pendell, Jane Laird, David Morrison, Abbas Rashidi, Aaron Phillips


Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4:05p

Board Business

  • Minutes discussed
  • Faculty Cabin, 2 monies
    • Larger pot
      • Under University control
      • But faculty Club would like to have say in what happens with it
      • Would like this to go towards activities that support faculty
    • Smaller pot
      • Can’t access the interest
      • Not yet
      • How will it get accessed
      • Likely will be about $20,000 per year
      • Not sure the $10,500 will continue but likely not necessary with the interest



  • $26752. 62 in the bank
  • $10,500 from University
  • Marriott
    • August has been paid: $2482.70
    • No invoice received for September yet, likely about the same
  • Misc
    • $19,734.87 spent last year (minus April’s social and the business meeting)
    • $16,000 rolled over (typically less)
    • $1300 month from the dues


Social events

  • August 28th and Sept 4th
    • Both well attended
    • 41 counted
    • Was very pleasant to sit outside with distancing
    • Food good
    • Did a nice job with sanitizing measures
    • New attendees but not sure if we have new members
    • Providing both non-alcohol ($3/can or bottle) and alcohol (did go up this year)
    • Did get positive feedback as people leaving re the event
  • October social
    • Is October 2nd, first Friday
    • Depends on # of RSVPs
    • Choice of location
      • #1 Outside (weather dependent)
      • #2 Downstairs Foyer
      • #3 Normal room on main floor
      • #4 Ballroom
    • Remind people to think about who and how they want to sit while eating
    • Discussed having time slots, 5-6p and 6-7p to help maintain spacing. Reviewed if we are in the outside, in the Foyer or in the Ballroom, really not necessary. Board decide no time slots
  • Holidays parties
    • Children’s, some ideas
      • Could do some things online, ie animation
      • Interview with Santa
      • Letters to Santa
      • Singing group via Zoom
      • Need to decide by mid-October so we can let the members know
    • Adult
      • Consider doing at the Marriott, know what to expect
      • Could do in the Foyer or in the Ballroom to really space out
      • No white elephant, No dancing
      • Consider gift exchange, just no stealing, etc or wine exchange
      • Need to decide by mid-October so we can let the members know


New items

  • Survey to members, re how to sign up for the events
    • Will be 2 questions
    • Reminding everyone the club is here to support members
  • How many members do we have currently
    • Xan to check


Next FC Board meeting: October 16th, 4-5 pm
Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm