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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

Oct. 16, 2020


Present: Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Roxine Lawton, Xan Johnson, Judith Warner, Man Hung, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison

Excused: Jane Laird, Abbas Rashidi, Aaron Phillips, Jill Moriearty, John Burton, Ashok Tuteja


Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4:08p

Board Business


·         Minutes discussed

·         Cabin

o   Checking in with planning committee re funds from Cabin monies

Treasurer’s Report ·         $26087.41 in the bank

·         Alcohol cost was up at September’s social

o   At mercy of Marriott, need to review bill

o   Checking charges

o   Not for billed for Social yet

·         Checks from several Emeritus members received

o   Roughly 18 who submit checks, most are Emeriti members

o   All but 7 people

·         Will begin getting interest from sale of Cabin but not for 1 year after initial deposit (in December, 2019)


Social events


·         October social

o   About 50 attended

o   Was outside

o   Did have 61 RSVPs for 10/2, 38 to 10/9

o   Dave made suggest that someone (Board decided any board member could do), should make broad announcement by a “Welcoming committee”, to welcome any new faculty attending, Dave M …..?

§  We did have a check in person at door, Mo was doing

§  This would be a way to identify new faculty attending

§  Also way of double checking person is faculty and a faculty member – if not member, then way putting in a plug to join FC

§  # of guests attending

o   Discussed strategies for having social in November

§  Suggestion made to check in with Marriott and how they are approaching

§  Suggestion made to what the options are for the socials moving forward

§  Brought back up having staggered arrival times, i.e. 5pm and 6pm

o   To summarize options:

§  Do not hold social

§  Check with Marriott re possibility to hold with spacing, possibly holding in 2 separate rooms and possibly include Atrium area at staggered times

§  Judith sent email to Chris Braun at the Marriot during the meeting

·         Heard back from Chris during meeting

Hi Faculty Club,

I would look to host your group in our ballroom which would allow your attendees ample space to socially distance or even as you suggest by utilizing the atrium area and the Connor/Fort Douglas rooms for even additional spacing options. We are currently wide open on the night of November 13, so that date works for either option. Let me know what your preferences are and if you would like to confirm the new date. Happy Friday!

·         Holidays parties

o   Children’s party

§  Discussion

·         Brought up possibly doing via Zoom

·         ?? Zoom fatigue

·         How to make it interesting

§  Decided no party this year

§  Maybe Red Butte event instead

·         Judith talked about Halloween event at Red Butte gardens

·         This could be an event to let faculty club members know about

·         Possibly do together

·         She sent email to Red Butte to ask about any events they are doing in December during meeting

§  Discussed providing Balloon Granny a thank you gift

·         Group agreed

·         Suggestion made a Ute gift basket with blanket, mask, etc

o   Adult

§  Discussed

§  Possible hold event at Marriott

§  Plan to wait and see what happens with November social

§  Suggestion made to bring a bottle, take a bottle, not the usual gift exchange


New items


·         Building at south end of stadium happening, is under construction

o   Need to check on possibility of Faculty Club to have Brick and Mortar site

o   They reached out to the Faculty Club, an organization who “does” clubs


·         Discussed getting a subscription for Sign up Genius to help with Faculty club member sign up for the FC event


·         David P suggested to have “sandwich” signs to announce that a FC event is happening

o   Need to have someone be responsible and keep track up

o   FYI: we have 4 FC banners

§  The banners were found! Xan had them

Future items ·         Man suggested bumper stickers/car sticker

Next FC Board meeting: Not discussed
Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm