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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2019

Present, Judith Warner, Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Jane Laird

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, David Pendell, John Burton

Excused: Man Hung, Xan Johnson, Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Jill Moriearty, Ashok Tuteja, Abbas Rashidi

Judith Warner presiding, meeting began at 4:10p

Board Business

  • Minutes from September still need approval
  • Quorum not present today, no official vote done
  • Campus Communication
    • We should ask new VP Sarah Projansky about authorizing quarterly faculty emails, two for members and two for event information
  • Cabin
    • Has been sold
    • Faculty Club will gain 500K endowment to generate annual operating funds for FC activities
    • Generates about 4% (or 20K) per year
  • Ongoing discussion re a faculty “touchdown space” on campus
    • Union building? Other location?
  • Where / who has the Faculty Club banners??

Social events

  • Faculty Club social
    • Invitation for November social needs to come out about October 14th
  • Summer BBQ follow-up
    • People liked the BBQ at Eleanor’s cabin in Brighton
  • Is pickleball done for this year?
    • Should planning be tabled for this year?
    • Would the 11th avenue location work better
    • Consider Student Life building
  • Volleyball
    • Xan will look into volleyball and basketball again
    • Probably use the Annex again for pizza
    • Will need RSVPs for this
  • Children’s party
    • Dec 6th
    • Moran eye center
    • Mailing
      • We will ask for permission to do a broadcast email again this year – a new administration?
      • It would be helpful to get on the Campus Calendar, as we have done so before Christmas Party Mailing
      • David would like to do a two-sided flyer, one side in color, one in b+w
      • We can afford the paper mailing this year
      • Try for November 11th ready date, Nov 15th-18th
  • Eleanor has contacted
    • Balloon granny
    • Jubjub the Clown
    • Face painters
    • Photo booth
    • & Mrs. Claus
  • David will prepare the Crafts Table
  • Dave will be doorman/registrar
  • Gillian & John to pick up food at Costco, this was successful last year
    • Same food
    • More oreos than other cookies
    • Also to include plates, cup, napkins for future events to have on hand
  • Adult party
    • Planning for Tuesday, December 10th, Thursday not available at Monson Center
    • John has potential volunteer for DJ this year, will check on availability, if not available, suggest to contact Rob Snow from previous year
    • Needed alcohol from Base (Hill Air Force)
    • Costco peanuts
    • Lux Caterers (to be confirmed).

Treasurer Report

  • No report today
  • Uncertain whether University will continue to provide 10K/year as in the past in addition to endowment income – see above from selling of cabin
  • There is a second endowment of 1.2 million, also bearing interest
  • FC needs to be involved in purposing and allocation of these funds
  • FC board members volunteering to be on this task force

Next FC Board meeting: November 1, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 5pm