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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes November 1, 2019

Present, Judith Warner, Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Abbas Rashidi

Ex-Officio: Jill Moriearty, David Morrison

Excused: Man Hung, Jane Laird, Xan Johnson, David Pendell, John Burton,


Judith Warner presiding, meeting began at 4:10p

Board Business

  • Minutes from October approved on-line
  • Discussion re where the banners ended up, missing since Sept social
    • Have checked with front desk, not there
    • Will look into replacing, need to find where done previously
  • Discussed whether the discount is still in place
    • Judith will check with Shirley and Rachel if still good
    • The card is valid through December 2019, card says to call Shirley LeGrand and then to present the card
  • Cabin
    • Not much news
    • Judith has sent another email to check in re status


Social events

  • Pickleball
    • November 9, 8 to 10a
    • Court cost $82
    • This is at the Student Life building
    • Organized by Kash
  • Volleyball
    • Nov 22nd
    • Need to check into Annex to hold dinner before or maybe in the Huntsman center itself
    • Plan to order pizza
    • Abbas is the contact for this event, head count for pizza
  • Basketball
    • Planning for February
  • Children’s party
    • Dec 6th
    • Moran eye center
    • Theater group cannot perform this year
      • Discussed other options
      • Dance? Small choir? Live music?
    • Discussed invitations: Dave Pendell has these. Questions for Dave Pendell
      • Children’s and Adult’s party invitation
      • Frames
      • Contacting balloon granny
      • Possibility of choir
    • Gillian & John to pick up food at Costco
      • Same food
      • More oreos than other cookies
      • Also to include plates, cup, napkins for future events to have on hand
      • Need to pick-up mixed nuts for Adult party
    • Anna Naylor contact for head count
  • Adult party
    • Plan to charge $20
    • Rob Snow to do the music and DJ
    • Eleanor contact for head count
    • John Burton to be the White Elephant leader!
  • Wine tasting in January
    • Discussed where to hold
    • Will check with Lea Erikson, if not Eleanor may be willing but will need help with set-up and take down


Treasurer Report

  • We did receive $10,500 from the Univ of Utah President’s office, the general fund
  • Currently at $16,197.57
  • 8 emerti so far this year



Next FC Board meeting: Feb 7, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 5pm