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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes February 7, 2020

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2020

Present: Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Man Hung, Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, David Pendell, John Burton

Excused: Judith Warner, Jane Laird, Abbas Rashidi, Jill Moriearty

Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4:05p

Board Business

  • Minutes not addressed, initially no quorum
  • How to get reimbursed for buying things for the FC
    • W-9 has to be completed to be reimbursed per Jane
    • Will not be taxed unless is > $600 (over the year)

Social events

  • FC socials
    • November had 2 entrees, more expensive
    • Increased the number to 60 for November and February’s socials
  • PTC Once upon an Island
    • Wednesday, 19th
    • Xan will be in the lobby w/ tickets, need to be
    • About 20 RSVPs already
    • 40-50 available
    • Send RSVP to Eleanor
    • Will announce tonight at the FC social
  • Basketball
    • February 20
    • 8:30p start
    • Pick up tickets at the will call, can say with Faculty club
    • Tend to see different people show up at this vs who attends the FC social
  • Children’s party
    • Envelope from party with money given to Jane with names and head count
    • Party wrap up
      • Balloon granny – not paid yet
      • Jive, only $100 paid so far ($550)
        • They did go to wrong place initially place (Monson center)
        • Did come late and said that would knock off $100 for next year
        • Not good job, overexposed photos, time delay, inexperienced person came
      • Acapella – Business Casual
        • Well received
        • Will be paid $175
      • Santa William has been paid $200
      • 2 face painters, both paid, $200 each
    • Gillian & John to pick up food at Costco
      • Croissant sandwiches more popular
      • More oreos
      • No coffee this year – need next year!
      • More chips
    • Adult party
      • $880.95 to Monson center ($50 less than less year)
      • Compliments re the food (Lux catering)
      • Already scheduled, 12/11 for next year
      • No deposit from dinner night yet
      • Envelope from party with money given to Jane, likely about $1000
      • Roxine will send email to Jane (cc Eleanor, Xan)
    • Wine tasting in January
      • Held at Lea Erikson’s
      • No time for report
      • Briefly, new people attended
    • BBQ this summer, Eleanor is willing
      • Planning for June/July
      • Roxine will check on the availability of the wild flower hike


Treasurer Report

  • Funds from cabin
    • Money first endowment ($500,000) from sale is now in, as of 12/2019
    • We cannot touch the principal but will get the interest, about $20,000 per year
    • Cannot use until after 1 year, so 12/2020
    • Whether FC will continue to receive the $10,000 but…
      • Roxine has heard both a yes and no. No 2nd to the interest FC will be receiving
      • At least will receive next year, since interest cannot be used until later 2020 or into 2021
    • There is a plan to form committee re how to use the 2nd endowment
      • FC has interest in this
      • Judith been sending emails re the new committee on how to use the larger money so FC can participate, so far, committee has not been formed
    • $12,467.84 currently in account


New items

  • Mo
    • Survey members re what they would like to do for activities
      • Who will do? Maddie helped last time
      • Mo will develop initial draft, then bring back to the board for input
      • Discussion ensued – best to ask those who are present at the FC socials, they are the ones who are likely, but at some activities, different folks show up
      • Planning through Survey Monkey
    • To add more activities
      • Really need to have more FC board membership to help run these
    • To raise the membership fee, $2.50 per paycheck
      • Discussed
      • Tabled for now, will wait to see what happens with the interest from cabin sale
    • Emeritus travel events per John
      • Consider sending information re travel events sponsored by Emeritus faculty


Next FC Board meeting: March 6, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 4:53pm