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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes October 1, 2021

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2021

Present: Roxine Lawton, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Ashok Tuteja, Eleanor Divver

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison, Jill Moriearty, John Burton

Excused: Jane Laird, Abbas Rashidi, Aaron Phillips, Xan Johnson, Man Hung

Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding, met at the Marriott Oak room

Began 4:05p

Item Action needed
Board Business


·        Minutes

o   Motion made to accept, 2nd

o   Voted yes to accept

·        Dues

o   There are some members who are participating in events but have not paid dues

o   Best is to send them an email reminder

o   15 people

·        Discussed Faculty Club board members attendance

o   Consider asking to step down

o   We have more members than documented in FC Constitution

o   Yuan Ji appointed by Moh, she accepted

o   Motion made. For those members not attending meetings – but we did not clarify how many to be missed – will ask them to step down, 2nd, approved

·        Employee appreciation day

o   Does the faculty club want to have a presence

o   Discussed who attends, faculty vs staff

o   As typically more staff attend, discussed, then declined to have table at event

·        Judith, Mo, and Shawn

o   Were hosted at the ClubCorp in Rice Stadium re possibility of holding the FC socials there

o   Located at south end of stadium

§  1st floor, level with grass

§  2nd level with suites

§  3rd level concourse with open area and big patio

§  4th level with restaurant & bar, with open area (this one would have a fee)

o   Charge to FC would be for food / alcohol unknown, they were unwilling to give numbers

o   Faculty club could reserve a space within one of the areas on an as-needed basis

o   Someone would need to be a member of the UClub to book for free

o   Could the FC be a member? No. But the FC club president could be the “member”

o   $125 initiation fee (currently) + $30 per month or roughly $40 a month for the FC, then + the food

o   UClub offers complimentary continental breakfast M-F until 10:30AM for members

o   Offering open house for U Club membership on Oct 26th, 4 to 7pm

o   Did ask about “discount” for FC members, but told no

o   Could consider having the Christmas party there

o   The space, alcohol and food has been working well at the Marriott recently

o   Parking

§  The west side of stadium

§  Parking free after 5pm

§  There are about 50 slots for U Club members

o   Currently this is a proposed moved



Gillian to change into usual format



President Mo to reach out to:

1.       Members who have not paid dues

2.       Board member who has not attended any meetings










Treasurer’s Report ·        $32,217.71 in the bank

·        $10,000 was deposited then removed, 2nd to receiving the Cabin monies FC is supposed to be receiving

·        There is also the issue of the endowment, funded by the Cabin sell. Sarah Projansky involved with this

·        No money received from cabin yet

o   We should have received January 2021, because no one knew what to do at the time

o   So was put off to the first installment was supposed to be Sept 30th

o   We are supposed to receive quarterly = $5000 quarterly

o   David Heaps & Sandy Hughes the people involved in Cabin

o   Kathy Anderson also person to consider contacting

o   Man will need to go in and check

o   Best to have Presidents go, ie Xan and Mo to clarify if the FC has received the quarterly payment

·        Children’s party

o   Location: Zoo

§  Cost is Zoo ticket / Hot chocolate

§  Some FC member may already have Zoo memberships

o   The Children’s party is important to keep as it is the only event some members attend

o   The FC does pick up a few members this way

o   Can invite the entire faculty

§  Sending out this email takes time, 4-6 weeks

§  Judith has sent Shawn the info

§  Free if you join or are a member

§  Fee is traditionally $10 for non-FC members



Judith & Xan to reach out to  Sarah Projansky


Mo & Xan to contact to clarify monies for the FC


Roxine to contact Jane & Man to check whether or not the $5000 has been received or not







Judith to send Shawn previous All-Staff emails to use as template


Social events


·        Socials

o   In general 60-70 attend

·        June 3 social

o   Charged for: 79 meals, 139 drinks

o   Soft drinks were also included, but in past we were not charged, but it was included in contract this time

·        August social

o   Social has not been paid yet

o   Moh has received the bill

o   $3029.55 (beverages $710)

o   Best to have Man and Jane to receive and review

§  Man to review and ok, then scan in and send to Jane

§  Then Jane needs to release money for Marriott to be paid

·        Next FC social

o   November 5th

o   Plan for FC board meeting from 4 to 5pm that same day at the Marriott







New items


·        None
Future items ·        None
Next FC Board meeting: November 5th, 4 to 5pm, in person at the Marriott, in the usual room

Meeting adjourned: 5pm


Gillian will send out Outlook reminder