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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes June 11, 2021

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2021


Present: Roxine Lawton, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Ashok Tuteja, Eleanor Divver, Man Hung

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison, Jill Moriearty, John Burton (tried to attend)

Excused: Jane Laird, Abbas Rashidi, Aaron Phillips, Xan Johnson


Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding, met via Zoom

Began 5:05p, experienced some technical

Item Action needed
Board Business


·         Minutes

o   Motion made to accept, 2nd

o   Voted yes to accept

·         Credit card

o   Not sure where it is

o   Jane Laird has

o   University has policy, Jane Laird has to keep it, board member can not

o   S0, when we need to purchase something, have to contact Jane to pick up

·         For Faculty Club executive board

o   Mo brought up President-elect

o   Proposed Shawn

o   She accepted

o   Motion made, 2nd, approved

o   Executive committee: President, President-elect, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary

·         Mo interested in appointing Yuan Ji to board

o   She has been on the board before but had to resign

o   She is interested again

o   Did a lot of social media activities when was on the board

o   Discussed how to handle per the bylaws, Mo can appoint to board

·         Mo brought up appointing all emerti to board

o   This includes David Pendell, David Morrison, Jill Moriearty, John Burton

o   All reappointed to the FC board

·         Mo proposing to look at policies and procedures to complement the constitution

o   Asking Jill and David to help guide the process, with institutional knowledge

·         Mo reports that we have the Marriott scheduled through November

o   The plan is to move to possibly move the socials to the new construction by the stadium
















As President Mo can make decision, inform board and Yuan






Mo are you going to set up a meeting to do this?





Treasurer’s Report ·         $31,500.71 in the bank

·         Recent social has not been paid yet

·         Discussed the cabin monies for the faculty club

o   Roxine has been in contact re how this will happen, how to move the monies to the FC

o   An account has been set up for the FC

§  This is an endowment

§  FC so far does not have access

o   This will then be transferred quarterly to the FC account, $4000 to 5000

o   First installment not done yet, first installment will be in September

o   Roxine still cannot see the account, no one has been able to see the main account (even Jane Laird)

o   David Heaps was the last exchange re the Cabin/FC monies

o   Roxine / Man to work together to double check in September

·         Man expressed willingness to take over as treasurer

o   Will need be trained

o   Jane will need to give access to FC account

Social events


·         June 3 social

o   Charged for: 79 meals, 139 drinks

o   Soft drinks were also included, but in past we were not charged, but it was included in contract this time

o   Need to respond

·         July 10th social for the Cabin BBQ get together

o   Wild Flower festival at Brighton

§  Brighton will do the guiding

§  Roxine will compile a list for the Brighton folks

§  Shawn to do the sign up Genius

o   Then we can have lunch together with BBQ

§  Pat’s BBQ again

§  Will send out menu

§  Plan food for noon

§  Dave and Gillian to pick up

§  Eleanor will put up same signs

·         Next FC social

o   August 6th

o   Plan for FC board meeting from 4 to 5pm that same day at the Marriott



Historically not charged for soft drinks, Roxine to look into




Roxine, Shawn and Eleanor to work on



Dave and Gillian to do the morning of July 10th!

New items


·         Updated faculty club board contact list Gillian to do for 2021-2022
Future items
Next FC Board meeting: August 6th, 4 to 5pm, in person at the Marriott, in the usual room

Meeting adjourned: 6:25p


Gillian will send out Outlook reminder