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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes November 5, 2021

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2021


Present: Roxine Lawton, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Ashok Tuteja, Eleanor Divver

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison, Jill Moriearty, John Burton

Excused: Jane Laird, Abbas Rashidi, Aaron Phillips, Xan Johnson, Man Hung


Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding, met at the Hawthorne room

Began 4:05p

Item Action needed
Board Business


·        Minutes

o   Motion made to accept, 2nd

o   Voted yes to accept

·        Discussion around the Club

o   Task force made: Xan, Man, Shawn

o   Issues

§  Parking

·        The west side of stadium

·        Parking free after 5pm

·        There are about 50 slots for U Club members

§  Cost food

§  Cost liquor

§  Cost of venue

o   Cons

·        Jane’s FTE

o   Less engaged as with previous support

o   Negotiation with VP of Faculty for Jane’s time (Sarah Projansky)

o   Tasks

§  Membership list (last updated 9/15/21)

§  Website update

§  Tracking due

·        Emeritus club

o   To charge the Emeritus faculty $50 per year

o   Conflict between FC constitution and UU policy

§  In UU policy states is free

§  FC constitution states $50 / yr

o   In past have gotten permission from higher ups to charge the Emeritus faculty

o   John presented to Board and Emeriti faculty in past (several years ago), no concern expressed

o   Concern is # attending and drain on FC finances

o   Need to let Kathy Anderson

o   November 15th Emerti Zoom meeting

§  John possibly to attend

o   Ethical issue

o   Cost of the member to eat / drink
















Xan to check: Jane’s job description

















Treasurer’s Report ·        $32, 877.71 in the bank

o   $1430 since last meeting

·        Other assets: $12340

·        Marriott invoice: $2891.99 (10/7)

·        Still not sure about the Cabin monies FC is supposed to be receiving

·        Management system for monitoring FC monies

·        Someone in President’s permission for FC treasurer information

o   Man has contacted Jane, process started

o   Man can’t access at the moment until Jane completes

·        October information not in yet, this is something that Jane needs to do



Man to contact Jane about the $12,340





Judith to send Shawn previous All-Staff emails to use as template


Social events


·        Socials

o   In general 60-70 attend

·        Children’s party

o   December 5th  (Sunday afternoon)

o   At Hogle Zoo

o   Is free to faculty

§  Discussed whether to open to all faculty or not

§  Is a good PR for the FC

§  Set up limit, ie 250

§  Voted should include all faculty (the A through J)

o   150 tickets

o   Plan for cider and hot chocolate, cookies

o   Currently at about $5000 with the above

o   RSVP needed by 5 days prior

o   In past, used email to notify all faculty

§  We have permission to do this twice a year

§  Once beginning of year

§  Once for children’s party

§  Work with Claire to get email out

§  Judith has forwarded previous email

·        Adult party

o   Decided against for this year 2nd to COVID rates

















New items


·        None
Future items ·        None
Next FC Board meeting:  February 4th, 4 to 5pm, in person at the Marriott, in the usual room

Meeting adjourned: 5pm

Gillian will send out Outlook reminder