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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes February 4, 2022

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Roxine Lawton, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Ashok Tuteja, Eleanor Divver

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison, John Burton, Abbas Rashidi, Xan Johnson, Man Hung

Excused: Jane Laird, Jill Moriearty


Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding, met at the Marriott Oak room

Began 4:05p

Item Action needed
Board Business


·        Minutes

o   Motion made to accept, 2nd

o   Voted yes to accept

·        Xan met with Cathy Anderson (Associate Vice President of Budget & Planning)

o   This was regarding the Cabin monies for the FC

§  Both for the interest from the Cabin Sale

§  For FC to have voice on committee to use the proceeds from the Cabin sale

o   Per Roxine regarding the interest

§  Re the roughly $20,000 annually (which we should have received it by now)

§  Was supposed to be $5000 quarterly

§  This is the interest from the Cabin sale account

§  Not clear if the money is in the account or not

o   Xan’s discussion was on the previous $10,000 per year the UU used to give the FC to support activities, this year given, then removed because of the theoretically receiving the interest

o   Depending on how FC doing, Cathy Anderson can reallocate

o   Xan to get back to her after this meeting

·        Emeritus

o   UU Bylaws, conflicting info in policies

§  One says yes, one says no

o   FC has been charging $50 a year

o   Ok to charge per Cathy Anderson

o   If something comes up, ie someone doesn’t want to pay or can’t, we can refer to Kathy Anderson or potentially could have a FC sponsor to help

o   Number of check paying Emeriti is small in number

o   FC bylaws include this, so nothing more is needed

·        Board members

o   Aaron Phillips has already resigned

o   2 had 1 year terms, 2021-2022, were appointed by the President

§  Eleanor

§  Yuan

o   3 terms are ending in 2022

§  Judith Warner – would like to step down

§  Abbas Rashidi – would like to step down

§  Gillian Tufts – isn’t sure about 3-year term, 1 yr at a time if possible or 3 yr term and will resign as needed

o   Emeritus

§  Dave Morrison – willing to continue

§  David Pendell – willing to continue

§  John Burton – willing to continue

·        Elections

o   Feb / March solicit board members for nomination

o   April have the elections

o   May meeting, announce new or continuing board members





Xan to get back to Cathy Anderson




















All to work on finding and encouraging new board members



Treasurer’s Report


Per Man with input from Roxine, see above

·        $31,179.41 in the bank

·        $12,340 in non-cash balance, ?? what is this from

·        $10,500 is now in the account

o   In a “separate” account, so is not part of the cash

o   Received 2 months ago

o   Not clear where it is from

o   Is this the historic $10,000? Or, as the quarterly $5000 has not been paid, is it 2 quarterly payments

·        Membership dues $570

·        Children’s party

o   No information yet

·        Zoo has been paid

o   Jane took care of

o   January 12th

o   $2126

·        Marriott for November FC Social

o   Paid

o   Hasn’t shown up yet, is $3481.50

·        Roxine and Jane have met with Man to help with organizing and reporting the Treasurer’s report

o   Met via Zoom

o   Has gone over the Excel spreadsheet

·        Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s report, passed



Man and Jane to check where this $10,500 came from


Xan asked if Shawn could check in with Man and Jane re socials and what’s been paid


To reach out to Man about 1 week before to have Treasurer’s report done before meeting, possibly Roxine could meet with Man before the FC board meetings





Social events


·        Socials

o   2 more dates for socials: 3/4 and 4/1

·        Annual board meeting

o   Try to hold at the U club

§  Deposit may be issue, expensive

o   In May, have done the Saturday after finals so would be May 7th

o   Annual meeting for FC members

·        Old Mill club

o   Have done before

o   Mid Valley

o   Lovely view

·        Summer events

o   Wine tasting / beer social

§  COVID a potential issue now

§  Hold off until summer, hold outside

o   Summer flower hike

·        Sunday hikes as soon as possible

o   Maybe April







New items


·        None
Future items ·        None
Next FC Board meeting: March 4th, 4 to 5pm, in person at the Marriott, in the usual room

Meeting adjourned: 5pm

Gillian will send out Outlook reminder