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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes September 6, 2019

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes September 6, 2019

Present: Xan Johnson, Gillian Tufts, Evert Lawton, Roxine Lawton, Jane Laird, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Abbas Rashidi

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, John Burton, Jill Moriearty

Excused: Eleanor Divver, Judith Warner, Man Hung, David Morrison


Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4p

Board Business

  • Minutes for April, the Business meeting and Summer meeting – Quorum not present, to vote on next month
  • Social media
    • Man will take care of
    • Wants us to send her pictures
  • Cabin
    • Not a lot of news
    • Xan reports offer for Cabin was made during the summer


Treasurer Report

  • We did receive $10,500 from the Univ of Utah President’s office, the general fund
  • Currently at $17,911.56
  • Rolled over $6000
    • About $1000 more than last year
    • Only place we cut costs was Beer & Wine tastings – these were potluck instead of FC providing food
    • FC Socials cost about the same as previous year
  • Breakfast, held 8/20/19
    • Used Chartwells
      • $800
      • Ordered for 50
      • Quite a bit left over
    • BBQ after wildflower hike, held 6/29/19
      • $670.69, BBQ lunch, ordered from Pat’s BBQ
      • Moderate amount leftover
    • Faculty info
      • Payroll deduction: $650 each pay period in July, August 647.50
      • 70 new members
    • Discussion re
      • How to get Emerti faculty to pay
      • Reviewed the list with a few names and when their membership expires
      • Talked about having the “gate-keeper” when in our room, easier to keep track of


Social events

  • Breakfast, held 8/20/19
    • Had in the Panorama room, Student Union,
    • 41 RSVPs
    • 25 showed up across the 2 hours
    • Sara Projansky (VP for faculty) attended
    • Dan Reed (Senior Academic VP) attended and spoke to the group
    • Used Chartwells
      • Discussion ensued re having again next year
      • Maybe 2 different mornings so more can attend
      • Faculty club to provide food, too expensive from Chartwell’s
    • BBQ after wildflower hike, held 6/29/19
      • 35 attended the 2 hikes
      • Mid-40s attended the BBQ, held after at Eleanor and Chris’s cabin – thank you for letting the FC use the space!
    • Children’s party booked for 12/6
    • Adult party
      • Discussed date briefly, no reason has to be on a Thursday
      • Could be earlier in the week
    • Dates for Volleyball
      • Xan to check on dates
    • Dog lake hike next week
      • 9/14
      • Ashok taking the lead
    • Monthly socials
      • Menu set for the year
        • Sept: Street tacos
        • Oct: Herb roasted chicken
        • Nov: Beef short ribs
        • Feb: Italian buffet
        • March: Bangers and Mash
        • April: Grilled Flank Steak
      • $30 per person – is one entrée (2 entrees are $33)
      • Minimum of 50 people
      • Jill will “cover” the door for 9/6 social to write down who attended
      • Marriott providing FC permanent touch down space
        • Wants to know if we would like to put up flyer / banner in the space
        • Group voted yes




Next FC Board meeting: October 4, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm