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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes March 4, 2022

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2022

Present: Roxine Lawton, Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Ashok Tuteja, Eleanor Divver, Xan Johnson, Man Hung, Jane Laird

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison, John Burton, Jill Moriearty

Excused: Abbas Rashidi

Joined: Taylor Gregory

Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding, met at the Marriott Oak room

Began 4:05p

Item Action needed
Board Business


·        Minutes

o   Motion made to accept, 2nd

o   Voted yes to accept

·        Jane here to intro Taylor Gregory

o   He is going to help manage the FC roster/list/inquiries

o   Jane & Taylor will do finances together

o   Shawn asked his web skills, did upload the recent minutes to FC webpage

o   When member pays directly, ie cash or check, gives treasurer, who will then give to Jane

o   Briefly discussed online FC membership due, cost is prohibitive

§  Annual fee of $250 plus transaction fee

·        Xan met received email from Cathy Anderson (Associate Vice President of Budget & Planning)

o   Regarding the Cabin monies for the FC

o   First, for the interest from Cabin Sale, this is formally the: U Faculty Cabin Sale Fund

·        To date has accumulated $8563

·        To be distributed quarterly

·        So far, this is $19,157 in this account

o   Also, for FC to have voice on committee to use the proceeds from the Cabin sale

·        Committee has not been formed yet, Judith received email from Sarah Projansky 7/2021 that committee would be formed by 9/2021

·        Board members

o   2 had 1-year terms, 2021-2022, were appointed by the President

§  Eleanor

§  Yuan

o   3 terms are ending in 2022

§  Judith Warner – would like to step down

§  Abbas Rashidi – would like to step down

§  Gillian Tufts – isn’t sure about 3-year term, 1 yr at a time if possible or 3 yr term and will resign as needed

o   3 potential nominees

§  Jeff Johnson

§  Rebecca Shrader

§  John Barbuto

·        Is currently adjunct faculty

·        Adjunct faculty by FC constitution is associate not active member of FC

·        Constitution also includes FC board can vote to move from associate to active

·        Proposal made by Shawn for John to be made active member

·        2nd by Eleanor

·        Passed

o   Emeritus

§  Dave Morrison – willing to continue

§  David Pendell – willing to continue

§  John Burton – willing to continue

§  Jill Moriearty – declined to continue

·        Elections

o   Feb / March solicit board members for nomination — Done

o   April have the elections

§  Consider introducing nominees at March and April Socials

§  To send names to Jane

§  Jane & Taylor will make Qualtrics ballot

§  Send out to FC members in April

o   May meeting, announce new and continuing board members


























Treasurer’s Report


Per Man with input from Roxine, see above

·        Cash: $29,685.41 in account

·        Asset: $12,340

o   This is likely monies for the water right to the FC Cabin

o   This is an assumed amount

o   Now that Cabin sold, likely does not exist any more

o   Need to reach out to confirm

·        Membership dues

o   Collected twice a month via paychecks

o   1st pay period = $660

o   2nd pay period = $662.50

·        Marriott FC Socials

o   November

§  Paid $3481.50

o   None in December / January

o   February 2022

§  Has been received and reviewed

§  Important to review each month as there are mistakes, ie for February FC charged tax

§  $3481.50 has now been sent on to Jane for payment

·        Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s report, passed





Xan to reach out to Sarah Projansky to clarify this and whether should be removed






Social events


·        Socials

o   2 more dates for socials: 3/4 (tonight) and 4/1

·        Annual board meeting

o   Not scheduled yet

o   Several locations reviewed

§  Try to hold at the U club

·        Concern is deposit may be issue, expensive

§  Monson Center

§  Grand America

§  Tuscany

§  Old Mill club

·        Have done before, great place, not doing anymore, Eleanor checked  : (

o   Planning for May, haven’t set date yet

o   This is the Annual Business meeting for FC members





Mo to contact Grand America

Jill to contact Tuscany

Eleanor to contact Monson Center

Then let Shawn know




New items


·        None
Future items ·        None
Next FC Board meeting: April 1st, 4 to 5pm, in person at the Marriott, in the usual room

Meeting adjourned: 5pm

Gillian will send out Outlook reminder