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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes April 1, 2022

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2022

Present: Shawn Steidinger, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Gillian Tufts, Ashok Tuteja, Eleanor Divver, Xan Johnson

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, David Morrison, John Burton, Jill Moriearty

Excused: Man Hung, Jane Laird

Mohammed Mirfakhrai presiding, met at the Marriott Oak room

Began 4:08p

Item   Action needed
Board Business


·        Minutes

o   Motion made to accept, 2nd

o   Voted yes to accept

·        Board members

o   Voting is under way

§  There are 4 positions open

·        3 3-year openings

·        1 year, to finish out position. Likely

§  Closes 4/15/2022

§  Taylor will let Shawn know by 4/18

§  Then can an announce at business meeting

§  Emeriti can vote, they are considered active members (if paid up!)

o   Recap

§  Eleanor and Yuan had 1-year appointment

§  Judith Warner/ Abbas Rashidi / Aaron Phillips have resigned

·        Discussed and did a big hear-hear for Judith who has been doing so much for the board over her 9-year tenure. Was president, past-president or president elect the entire time

§  Emeritus

·        Dave Morrison – willing to continue

·        David Pendell – willing to continue

·        John Burton – willing to continue

·        Jill Moriearty – ok to step down

·        Taylor Gregory

o   As new members join he has been sending out welcome emails

o   Can work on the website

·        New faculty orientation

o   Time to think about this

o   Time to update materials

·        For all campus emails

o   Remember time it takes

o   Needs to be 6 weeks earlier (because of layers of approval)

·        Cabin funds

o   Xan has reached out, committee still being formed


























Treasurer’s Report


Per Man with input from Roxine, see above

·        No formal report

·        Cash: $28,280.16 in account

·        Membership dues ??

o   Collected twice a month via paychecks

o   1st pay period = $660

o   2nd pay period = $662.50

·        Marriott FC Socials

o   March social: paid $2065.25



We need to confirm whether this is bimonthly or once a month and what the actual amount is



Social events


·        Socials

o   Last social for this year today!

·        Annual board meeting

o   This is the Annual Business meeting for FC members

o   May 13th

o   Will be at the U club

o   Mediterranean theme

o   Board sits up front

o   Would like to find some activities

§  Business reports

§  Mention new board members

§  Honor Judith

§  Speaker??

o   No cost for FC members

o   2 drink tickets for each member, then cash bar

·        Discussed setting the place for the Christmas party

o   Talked about the Monson center

o   They have been good to the FC

o   More intimate space for gift exchange

·        Potential events

o   Sunday Hikes

o   Annual Wasatch Wildflower festival & BBQ hike, July 9th    (tentative date until confirmed)

§  Dave / Gillian will do the BBQ

§  Lunch at Eleanor’s cabin

o   Pickleball

o   Softball

o   Beer tasting

o   Social at Marriott??





















All of us to keep an eye on the Festival dates






New items


·        Once new members known, Shawn will send by-laws and Faculty Club document (that Shawn is developing) to them Shawn to do
Future items ·        Decide on summer FC board meeting

·        Once new members known could send out doodle poll

·        Before business meeting vs early June

Gillian can send out the doodle poll
Next FC Board meeting: Plan for possibly before business meeting or in June

Meeting adjourned: 4:50 pm

Shawn will check with the U club to see if possible