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December 2015 Board Minutes

Faculty Club Executive Board Meeting Notes – December 4th, 2015

Judith’s office “looks like a ‘Christmas elf’ threw up in it!”

Decorations for Children’s Party

Six main tables (start with 4 big ones, see how they look)


Dave will take care of them

Judith has a standing lamp she can bring, Joe too

Adult party

Emails already sent out

Responses by December 10th

Emeritus Faculty Club dues

Will run from September to September – the academic year

David has great frames for photos

Include jewels, leaves, etc. to glue onto frames

Will need heavy-duty extension cords for glue guns

Art will do food renewal, and Joe will help

We had projectors from last year – video of Frosty, fireplace

Instrumental music from Youtube will work

Santa will show up at 5:30pm at Primary Hospital

Will come in at 6:00pm (after magic show) then stay onsite until 7:30pm


Coffee and decaf coffee, lemonade, tea, water

Holiday cookies, lime bars, brownies

Adult Holiday Party

40 beef, 40 chicken, 20 salmon ordered, but can be adjusted as people respond

Another idea for Adult Holiday Party

Eleanor suggested another way to do ‘White Elephant’

John will take care of it as in the past

Beverages in Crimson Club (new location)

No hard liquor

Beer, wine, cranberry spritzer

Treasurer asked to ask Shawnee about getting a ‘P-Card’ for the Faculty Club

Also, where is our money actually being held?!!

New Faculty Club Budget for next year passed out and discussed (attached)

Art asked about the current situation with the cabin

Met with Perry Hacker, John Burton, JW

Cabin is in process of obtaining Occupancy Certificate

Also, discussing the water rights with original owners and neighbors

John brought up the need for a regular schedule of maintenance

Prior problems with vermin, etc.

Question about how much maintenance will cost Faculty Club members?

Distance about 50 miles, 45 minutes to cabin.

Pat would like to get Perry’s email.

Everyone thanked Pat for having the Executive Board meeting in his office, and we adjourned.