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Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2019

Present: Xan Johnson, Eleanor Divver, Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Judith Warner, Man Hung, Ashok Tuteja

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, John Burton, Jill Moriearty

Excused: Gillian Tufts, David Morrison

Xan Johnson presiding, meeting began at 4p

Board Business

  • Minutes, motion made to approve, 2nd and passed
  • President report
    • Cabin
      • Xan spoke with Kathy Anderson and Harriet Hopf
      • Water rights for parcel of land are being worked about
      • Then will be put up for sale
    • Xan reviewed received email, needs revision to send to all faculty
    • Xan working with Harriet Hopf re how to get the FC access to new faculty
  • Upcoming board elections
    • Jane will send out the ballots 4/8/19
    • 3 names for 3 positions, Gillian Tuft, Judith Warner, Abbas Rashidi


Treasurer Report

  • Currently at $8584
  • Left for payment
    • April FC social
    • End-of-year business meeting
  • FC can count on $10,000 from the University next year
  • Discussion re
    • Why payroll deductions vary
    • How to get Emerti faculty to pay

Social events

  • End-of-year business meeting
    • Anna Naylor will be collecting RSVPs for social
    • Same menu as last year plus vegetarian option
    • Scheduled for 5/4, RSVPs due 4/26
    • Invites to be sent to FC members on 4/8
  • Jill will check on the possibility of using the Alumni House for our socials next year
    • FC will need own caterer, bartender and bring and collect remaining alcohol
  • Moh to check on FC hosting a welcome back luncheon for faculty in Panorama Room during Fall semester


Next FC Board meeting: TBA for summer meeting

Meeting adjourned at 5pm