Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2020

Present: Eleanor Divver, Gillian Tufts, Roxine Lawton, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Ashok Tuteja, Xan Johnson, Jane Laird, Judith Warner

Ex-Officio: David Morrison, John Burton, Jill Moriearty

Excused: Abbas Rashidi, David Pendell, Man Hung

Judith Warner presiding, meeting began at 4:03p

Board Business

  • Minutes
    • October 2019 and February, both reviewed and passed
  • How to get reimbursed for buying things for the FC
    • W-9 has to be completed to be reimbursed per Jane
    • Non-employee reimbursement, W-9 needs to be completed, for ID purposes
    • Will not be taxed unless is > $600 (over the year)
  • Building club at Stadium , potential for FC own place
    • Judith sent out website for example
    • Facility at south end of stadium, a Brick & Mortar venue FC would have access to
    • Patty Ross, Brett Eden, Gordon Wilson (committee considering this) – they reached out to Judith re the FC interest
    • Potentially Club Corp would be running this, Full restaurant/Full Bar included
      • Potentially would help with cost of building
    • Judith has reached out to Jim Agutter re faculty touchdown space for faculty
      • Thinks maybe this is on hold for now
    • Board elections
      • Briefly discussed re who is staying on, potential for president, the need for new members


Social events

  • Children’s party
    • All performers/participants have been paid
    • $1525.75 total cost
    • Maybe 2-3 paid at the door
    • Scheduled party for 12/4/2020
    • Summary of payments
      • Balloon granny paid
      • Jive paid $100
      • Choir from Business Casual paid $150
      • Santa paid $200
      • 2 face painters paid, $200 each
    • Adult party
      • Total $1000 paid in
      • Total cost $4118.63
      • $250 to DJ
      • Ran out alcohol in 2018, so brought in more this year, some still left over
      • Booked for 12/11/20
    • Wine tasting in January
      • Held at Lea Erikson’s
      • No cost to FC
      • It was a potluck but Hostess did provided complete dinner during event
      • Judith proposed for board members chip in $5 as thank you for the hostess for providing the venue and the additional food, done during meeting
      • There were at least 38 people, including new people who hadn’t attended before
    • Basketball
      • All were spread out, not sitting together so unsure of number attended
    • Pioneer theater event
      • 37 showed up out of 40
      • 10 on waiting list
      • Have to really be careful in future because Pioneer counts on providing these, if not used for faculty, would have sold the tickets
      • Discussed what to do to prevent in future
        • Request to cancel prior to 24 hours so others could attend
        • Consider penalty, ie if reserves and doesn’t show up, can’t attend in future
      • Business meeting
        • May 2nd
        • Continue with the Old Mill golf club
        • 6-7p social time
      • Pickle ball
        • Didn’t work so well at the Student Life Center
        • Consider Fairmont park or the Avenues
      • BBQ this summer, Eleanor is willing, at her cabin
        • Still on the list
        • Roxine will check on the availability of the wildflower hike


Treasurer Report

  • Current balance: $12,656.99
  • Left to cover this year: March & April socials and the Business Meeting
    • Wine went up to $8 per wine glass
    • Other the same: Beer is $5/6 and cocktails ($8)
    • There is a plan to form committee re how to use the Cabin endowment
    • FC has interest in this and would like to be part of the conversation
    • Judith been sending emails re the new committee but no response,

New items

  • New suggestions, new activities
  • Consider Faculty club
    • “Meet-up” group through Meet-up website
    • Faculty club board members and members could both set up events and let other FC members know and invite
    • Purpose of FC is to facilitate faculty member meeting and socializing but developing something like meet-up site would:
      • Help take off burden off the faculty club board members
      • To develop new activities
      • The advantage is that it’s just posting (ie don’t need pictures)
      • Could Abbas do this? He is already involved in the FC’s Facebook page and UU webpage
      • Some ideas that could go under FC meet-up
        • Music jam on campus
        • Fun weekend in Helper, focusing on the “Brothel” and Mining history
      • Monthly lunch for faculty
        • Ideal would be to provide lunch for free
        • Consider after FC begins to receive the interest from the cabin
        • Consider the stadium but also discussed moving it around campus, ie Main campus and Health Sciences
      • Maybe more FC socials
        • ?? one in January – talked about the Wine tasting really provides this
        • ?? one in the summer – ie the opposite month from the BBQ event
        • Also talked about adding date in August, talked about possibility of Friday before school starts
        • Tabled for now
      • Continue the breakfast
        • Cheaper option than a FC social
        • During first week of school
      • Talked about sending out a survey
        • Do need to be careful with how many emails we send out, some may want to cancel out of the Faculty club altogether


Next FC Board meeting: April 3, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 4:59pm