Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes May 23, 2019

Faculty Club Board Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2019

Present: Eleanor Divver, Roxine Lawton, Gillian Tufts, Judith Warner, Man Hung, Abbas Rashidi

Ex-Officio: David Pendell, John Burton

Excused: Ashok Tuteja, Jill Moriearty, Mohammed Mirfakhrai, Jane Laird, Xan Johnson, David


Judith Warner presiding, meeting began at 7:10p

Board Business

  • Welcomed new member: Abbas Rashidi
  • Judith Warner and Gillian Tufts re-elected
  • Minutes from April and Business meeting minutes still to be sent out and posted online
  • Call for ideas for President Elect, selected Xan Johnson. Discussed with him on speaker-phone. He agreed, especially because of his critical role in maintaining communication with academic senate and VP for Faculty office.
  • Roles reviewed
    • Present: Judith Warner
    • Present-elect: Xan Johnson (agreed with Eleanor and Judith staying on for additional year)
    • Secretary: Gillian Tufts
    • Treasurer: Roxine Lawton (Evert Lawton)
    • Social Director: Eleanor Divver
    • Social Media director: Man Hung
    • FC historian: Jill Moriearty
  • Need to obtain all email addresses and let all know – Gillian to do
  • Discussed the invitation/announcement process
    • David does them in Illustrator as has library of images, announcements and letters
    • Discussed FC board owning a license / paying for the program
      • Will first try to purchase through OSL
      • Man will help David do this, to be able to download onto his computer
      • May want to pay for David’s yearly subscription.
    • Discussed who would send out the reminders re events
      • FC socials
      • Christmas party
      • Children’s party
      • FC Business meeting
      • Special events
    • Re the invitations to monthly FC social and events
      • David is willing to continue making the invitations
      • Eleanor and Judith will decide on food and themes, then let David now
    • Process
      • Social committee will decide on dates etc and work with David to get in place
      • Sends to Gillian, to double check, then to FC listserv
      • This goes to Jane, who then releases to FC members
      • Gillian also to send to the U Roundup (comes from Health Sciences)
        • Send to Rob Tennant
        • Can send at same time as the email to the listserv
        • Should send out 2-3 weeks in advance, then again the week of the event
      • Need to let Jane know Gillian will be sending the email to FC listserv
    • 41 new members joined
      • Due to mass email sent to all faculty across campus
      • Eleanor suggested FC board send a welcome and general idea of what to expect, who to do?
    • Jane: The brochure(s), the dates, the activities
    • Xan will continue
      • To be liaison between FC and administration
      • Xan to spearhead the proposal to admin re the FC importance as the University moves to sell the FC cabin
      • We believe Xan presented our budget to the financial people at President’s office (Cathy Anderson (CFO).

 Treasurer Report

  • Currently at $7458, to-date
  • But
    • Payment for business dinner still outstanding
    • Flowers and alcohol still outstanding
  • Still planning for the $10,000 coming from University
  • Still $1100 per month coming in from faculty club members

Social events

  • Discussed possibly of using the Alumni House for FC socials
    • Possible no charge
    • Would be different catering service
    • Also the issue of alcohol – to bring, need have bartender, then take alcohol
    • Jill to check on this – (ADDENDUM – looks like NO, not possible)
  • Summer activities
    • Wildflower hike, July 13th
      • Brighton
      • Free
      • 9a to 2p
      • Easy, mod, advance hikes available
      • Join us afterwards for BBQ, 11a to 1p
      • Roxine will be the point person for both the hike and the BBQ
      • First announcement to be send out mid-June, Gillian to do
    • Pickle Ball
      • No information at present re dates, locations etc
      • Moh and Abbas to address
    • Weekly to every other week hike
      • Moh and Abbas to address
    • Beer and Cider
      • Alun Thomas and Jathine Wong home
      • August 31st
      • Eleanor in charge of social side of the activity
    • New faculty orientation
      • We did not attend 2018, not invited, no time on schedule. The Club provided brochures
      • We have the ok to email all faculty re FC
      • Judith to contact re possibility of FC board member attending and/or possibly having a table at the new faculty orientation
    • Discussed other activities
      • Other meet up type activities
      • Skiing, biking, going to plays, going out to dinner
    • Talked about social media
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – Man to work on


Next FC Board meeting: Sept 6th, 2019, 4p Marriott Hotel

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm